Kirby Smart is Slipping!

Kirby Smart is Slipping!

Han Vance on Georgia football: Zamir White was inexplicably given just seven total carries and Kendall Milton two at the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party, in a disgusting coaching performance Saturday, somehow worsened by another pathetic postgame debacle.

I mean press conference.

“I’m not going to say the sky’s falling,” Kirby said. True: it already fell – the year’s done.

He went on to brag about his previous dominance of the lowly basketball-school laden SEC East, in previous years. He’s 3-2 vs Florida. Any of you fans/alumni/readers have as your goal for the proud program to win an SEC LEAST?

This guy knows press coverage still, sure, but he has completely lost touch with the reality of the legacy of RBU – Running Back University – RUN THE DAMN BALL.

This is GEORGIA!

Each year for three, Coach Smart gets us – in all factuality – further and further from not just winning a national championship but even a second SEC ring: By midyear losing the SEC East this year, after losing the SEC Championship Game in-state in a blowout last year, after losing the SECCG close due to his personal coaching gaffe (4th and 11 fake punt run by giant Justin Fields in a tie game from midfield) the year prior, considered the worst in-game UGA coaching move ever, by many.

Timeout: Fields has 11 touchdowns and 11 incompletions this year so far, just you know by the way. He ran for a couple scores, too.

Back to the past: After somehow surviving double overtime in a near-blowout comeback (I was in Pasadena, exhausted) but a week later blowing another overtime in the wild, heartbreaker CFP, the year prior. That, his best team, still went 1-2 versus schools from the state of Alabama (where he was born). Talk about downtrending since then…California Dreaming.

No CFP this year, yet again.

I thought losing to South Carolina at home was bad last year, because it was. The clock management and head coaching decisions by both Muschamp and Smart were so bad the announcers audibly couldn’t believe it.

Easy to forgive the second loss last year because the LSU team was destined and UGA was depleted. It was a bad blowout, though.

But losing to Bama again (0-5 vs LSU and Bama lifetime) then giving back the Okefenokee Oar without a hard enough fight trumps that.

Richtian. It’s dusty. The SEC trophy now from the 2017 team which was led by: Sony, Chubb, Roquan, Baker, Fromm, Blankenship.

“The great recruiter” ~ Kirby recruited one of those acclaimed players, one.

Rodrigo walked on and sat for weeks behind a shank artist who spells it Hamm. I had it wrong last time and also felt a little bad when I saw his mom wearing his button at the Liberty Bowl.

I don’t anymore. That comes with the territory. So does this: FIRE GREG MCGARITY. The coaches you hired as upgrades aren’t excelling at a level that merits the moves much.

Not yet.

In 20 years, every five years Georgia has had one team with a near-miss of a national championship. Richt had three and Kirby had one. Richt’s first five years, he won two SEC championships, as well. Richt had Georgia on the cusp of winning it all and brought in the offensive weapons and good defensive coordination. He would have had it all align once, I feel. Maybe 2017. Richt, in retrospect, should have been able to correct his one bad offensive coordinator hire: Schitty Hire.

Kirby has made two so far: Coley and this Monken guy. We could’ve had Bobo back this year. He’s coaching for a lost cause, instead.

That one guy, Jake Fromm, had so little faith in Smart’s offensive “systems” as a head coach after coming off the bench to start for three years – and make no mistake, it is Kirby and his inexperience and ineptitude at offense and philosophies at ultimate fault here – that he opted to the combine (and Buffalo bench) with his draft stock slipping instead of returning for a senior year as a starter.

In Athens. And he could’ve easily made more money if he stayed in school and played well.

Before Fromm, Kirby went 8-5.

In Kirby’s last bust he got beat by 16, after he took his first loss of the year by 17. The SECCG was worse. In fact, Smart is just 5-3 in his last eight football games. Each loss big.

This one bad.

The team came out fired up, too. They inserted Milton and White together and gashed the Gators for a long touchdown. Let’s do that, I thought. Bye week schemes.

Florida 3-and-out. They did as I’d wished at BHB, running the quarterback. It all worked. They threw a slant and it worked. The diminutive QB taking a hard shot on his shoulder and playing air guitar, the rarely used and not needed frosh WR injured badly.

Then they had deer in headlights Mathis out there, after the Florida offense woke up. It was 14-7. They called a pass play short of the sticks on 3rd. Predictable. Punt.

It went 14-14. Quarter ended.


This after using the Kentucky game to establish a power rushing attack, because passing hadn’t worked at all since halftime at Bama, had never-ever this year worked well in any major statistical way.

“We can’t get in a boatrace” the one-time defensive coordinator had said. But he did and he got smoked. He’s still in the St. Johns River in my mind, looking for a floatie.

Georgia grabbed a pick-6 and it was 21-14.

Then 21-21. Florida was strong.

Not much later, Cine made what “SEC Football Final” called the hit of the year. It was clean but he launched. That’s football.

We had knocked out the one guy we couldn’t cover at all, but we didn’t hit Trask enough.

He kicked Dan Lanning and Kirby Smart in the nads many times with RB wheel routes.

Georgia can’t pass well, period. We knew coming in that we had to run the ball and control the clock. We didn’t even try it!

Mathis came in and made very few plays, a few.

Even still, had Mark Webb held on for yet another pick-6 it would have been a six point game. Defense can’t be your scoring, folks.

Every football analyst I heard said the obvious: terrible game plan.

Kirby still couldn’t admit it.

“We need to be explosive,” he said.