Last 4 UGA-LSU Contests Reviewed

1. 2004, Athens: I sat on the 50 as Georgia beat the defending National Champion Bayou Bengals 45-16 in the Classic City behind David Greene’s four touchdown passes on just five total completions and ten passing attempts. Thomas Davis and the UGA D utterly dominated the game with big hits and forced turnovers.

2. 2005, ATL: LSU was ranked in the Top 5 and favored over a two-loss, DJ Shockley-led UGA team coming off a heartbreaking last second loss to Auburn. Georgia pounced on LSU early and blew them out 34-14 to claim Richt’s second SEC Title.

3. 2008, Baton Rogue: Defending National Champion LSU faced a Moreno and Stafford-led UGA team that had been slighted by the pollsters the year prior. Though UGA had played significantly more dominant football while LSU dropped games to Arkansas and the Mildcats of Kentucky, UGA was locked out of the SEC Championship game after two early season defeats and subsequently the National Championship game; Georgia ending up #2 to LSU’s #1. UGA romped LSU 52-38.

4. 2009, Athens: LSU was favored and ranked #4 to UGA’s #18. Joe Cox led Georgia to what appeared to be a game-saving touchdown pass to AJ Green, over the heralded  LSU secondary. Inexplicably, the generally mild mannered Green was flagged for a phantom unsportsmanlike end zone celebration. Crowding the line with a penalty-shortened field and guarding against a would-be game-winning field goal, UGA was unable to contain an LSU runner and yielded a late long touchdown. The SEC office formally apologized to UGA and came down hard on the officials for, and here I quote the SEC, (having) “Cost Georgia the game.” The damage was done, and Georgia went into a deep funk and had Richt’s worst year to date. The next year was even worse, and Richt was officially on the hot seat to start 2011.