Let’s Get Back to Football

Spring means flowers and showers and March Madness for some …. For us, spring means FOOTBALL. G-Day Game is April 10th at 2pm, and until then, it’s time to get back to football practice for the returning UGA players. We had one crisp practice and then a spring break and now the young men are back in Red and Black (and green for injured players and untouchable QBs).

Ah, quarterback: the only position on offense at which we do not have a returning starter. Zach Mettenberger has a really big arm, comparable to gunslinger Matt Stafford. Acting like a loose cannon, however, may have cost him any real shot at the starting QB job. He got popped for fake id and underage drinking over the break, and a good college quarterback is also a strong leader of young men. Are we really going to let him win a close battle only to be suspended for the first game? I consider it a 2-horse race for now. Aaron Murray has the accuracy, but I have to question his size after watching Joe Cox struggle to see over SEC defensive fronts. He played great in Tampa – but that was in high school. Logan Gray was not a threat to return punts for big yardage, but he showed game poise and may look faster coming around an open edge on offense. I have seen him throw the ball well at times – just not in real live SEC football games. We are all curious to see how each of them will perform this spring.

Bank on this: We Will Run The Football Next Season. The much-improved Caleb King played better once the spotlight was squarely on the dynamic Washaun Ealey. He is a fierce little runner with a ton of heart and actually reminds me of Moreno the great when he hits a crease with force. They could both run for 1,000 yards.

The line gelled late last season and is all back. And the fullbacks at GEORGIA are studs, and they are coming back. The tight ends, led by Orson Charles, are better than solid and can improve and they are back.

AJ Green is already by far the best wide receiver ever at Georgia, and he will benefit from a full-season of strong running back and line play. Can a QB step up and deliver the rock to him? Can another wideout play a major role, reducing the double and even triple coverages AJ faced in the second half of the season?

And can our new 3-4 defense stop the outrageous bleeding that occurred the past two seasons?

We had incredible special teams at UGA last season, with the exception of kick coverage. That simply must be a huge area of improvement if we are to win big time.

We must generate turnovers and stop making them on offense. We must avoid penalties and mental errors. We must …win, baby. WE MUST WIN!!!

Damon Evans know it. Coach Mike Bobo knows it. Coach Mark Richt knows it: