Spring Musings

New hoops coach Mark Fox was in awe of the red-and black crowd at halftime. And Big Hairy Blawg was on scene too for a beautiful saturday in Athens. It was the G-Day Game and the fans came out in mass for the free scrimmage, broadcast live on ESPN. Before and after you could have found me at my stepbrother’s spot: Five Star Day Cafe on Broad Street across from the arch. Great, great food and then good not great football with perfect company – I love my girlfriend and hell yeah she’s a Georgia girl – and the Beam was flowing. Like me in a way, Joe Cox was crisp with his passes and even caught one (negated by penalty). That’s right, another damned penalty. UGA must play more error free to reach ten wins again. AJ Green is the best receiver in the country bar none, and that backup QB spot looks secure with the solid play of a Missouri boy that returned punts for us last year. Ah, the joys of strong national recruiting. Speaking of out-of-staters, my fellow Texan Matthew Stafford a. will go first in the NFL draft, b. will not be missed because of the solid production in waiting behind him, and c. was very good yet never won an SEC title (he did finish a Nat’l #2). Moreno is from Jersey like my ex-wife, and they are and will be missed. Caleb and the rest of the runners were fairly unimpressive. Rings. Rings. Rings matter most and I was glad to see a solid Defensive outing from our first and second teams. They dominated G-Day and look much improved from last year’s debacle. We will throw it well and defend better and if the running game clicks we can compete for an SEC Title, which always means at or near a National Title too. Later, it was nice to have a few pops in the Georgia Bar. Big ups to Jonathon for keeping that famous dive intact and alive. And we were back to The ATL with the season only months away… only months.

See you at The TED for number one UGA baseball versus Tech on May 12th