Look Ahead

Look Ahead

Han Vance on Georgia football: This is so strange. Here I write to you, fair reader, on into September after turning 50, and I’m waiting, waiting, waiting for my Dawgs…actually, that’s what I would have been doing today, anyway. See, Georgia was not playing until Monday – in my hometown of Atlanta (proper) – in the fancy newer dome against an old oft bowl opponent.

Ol’ Georgia and Olde Virginia met three times (Dawgs 2-1) in bowl games as the short, mediocre eras called Goff and Donnan happened. I saw the two meetings in the Peach Bowl in Atlanta, one for each head coach, in person and should have made the game in Hawaii, I realized, when visiting the state years later. That was Donnan’s last game as a football coach. Not the brightest of spots for the Bulldogs, that two-coach time period, and swell your chest with pride, which comes before the fall, the good book says, this looks so much better.

But, I’ll reserve final judgment until I at least see SEC rings aplenty, not a one-year wonder with an overall good win percentage. Great man Mark Richt had two SEC crowns (of UGA’s now-13) at the end of his fifth season. This is Kirby’s fifth…tick tick tick. Vince the Prince, as my dad liked to call him, won six (and a Natty).

Party Like It’s 1980!

Highly unusual too, Georgia would have been playing on weekdays back-to-back for the first time I can find, consecutive games on holidays, too, with scrappy Baylor bested on a weeknight in the sUGAr Bowl, in a game I called a must-win for the direction of the program. Coach Smart had actually matched the longest postseason (which includes any SECCG) slide in long school history. Excuses galore.

Georgia was founded in 1785, started football in 1892, first made a bowl in the 1941 season (1/1 1942 Orange Bowl win over TCU, my parents’ alma mater). Full circle, my father-in-law, a retired Army Colonel (who resides in Augusta), is an Arkansas Razorbacks fan, and that is where I will begin my little Look Aheads, next time.

I will be giving each opponent a glance, in a column, how they measure up as a rival. Even Arkansas. All SEC teams are rivals in one regard or another, and of course Florida and Auburn and Tennessee and South Carolina and mighty Bama are still on the docket. Sorry to not get to see Tech this year, especially considering that the Voice of the Jackets has moved in right next door to me in the city.

My new sports talk show has finally been confirmed for the season, as of yesterday, and we’ll announce it soon. I’m excited to see an all-SEC schedule and no cupcakes, still sad about Monday.