Han by Andy Lee

Mailman Delivers

Just as IV came off the bench to save the early season last year, he is again a huge hero in the Classic City. Carson Beck – nor JT Daniels – was never ever going to start this game.

[not a real] NEWS FLASH: Kirby is a total liar. It was always going to be Stetson, and the opponent could not prepare to play against a shorter QB. And all the media who trusted Kirby look foolish. Every insider report was 100% false reporting. Costing credibility.

Moving forward do what I have done since 2016: never trust a single word Kirby says.

The first offensive touchdown of the season was not televised! ESPN [the company] had a nasty plan to get more people on their app. When South Carolina edged East (not a state) Carolina promptly, ESPN2 showed BONUS COVERAGE of a meaningless-nationally close Tennessee-Pitt game already on another channel.

They posted on the screen: GEORGIA-UAB is streaming on the ESPN app. You had no app and say watch cable TV, you got no coverage. Only after any drama of who would start at QB was revealed to a streaming audience only and Mailman had thrown a bomb, they posted again: UAB-GEORGIA was on ESPN News (“suddenly”) and streaming on the app.

Evil corporate move. Very few would catch this as an obvious intentional marketing ploy: I did. (I was mad as a hornet.) All the drama of the event was over by the time the game was on. Yes, I have the stupid app. No, I couldn’t get it up on my little phone before the touchdown, and no even now I am not happy. I’m pissed!