McGarity Factor & Ghosts of Parties Past

If you like big neutral site American college football games, and I certainly do and heartily recommend them to others, end of year bowl trips are generally a nice time, but they don’t quite live up to the intensity of what shall forever be the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party.

We know you – we hate you – let’s party, type of deal. With the best two programs in SEC East history (Vols 3rd) scrapping and clawing in a football game at the middle of a Mardi Gras level madness.

Winning helps, but I’m encouraging here that GEORGIA-FLORIDA will never and shall never leave the banks of the St. Johns River. This three game streak cements that for all UGA alums. Glory, Glory!

My three trips:

1. We went last minute and barely stomached seeing us get blown to smithereens by a far superior squad. I was with a younger brother, he and I both UGA students once I’d re-enrolled as a 26-year-old non-trad for two years. I always held our game tickets. He’s too responsible otherwise, but twice ever has my brother held my ticket for long once I’ve seen him in person, and neither of those times saw me enter with my game ticket. This time, he left them in his bedroom. We got scalped almost as badly as Donnan’s Dawgs, after spending all of Friday PM driving around looking for a dive motel with a vacancy. Driving down there on a lark, even under those conditions, it was still special.

2. Later, I saw us #5 and beaten by an unranked Gators team, when Shockley threw a pick cold off the bench, Pollack forward lateraled needlessly, Edwards dropped a late touchdown pass. It hurt.

3. Then, I had a lingering concussion and face, body, head injuries after a major-major skateboarding accident and still went to not disappoint my Marietta friends. I’d come up with the tickets, and I tried to party, hard. It just didn’t work. I may have some permanent damage. We lost the game, and I seemed to barely survive the weekend.

McGarity is a GATOR; Muschamp is a GATOR. It’s not like Auburn, to me, once you are a Gator, you are NOT a Dawg. I’m just done with you. Our AD was hired from Florida. That’s just wrong. I don’t like that.

Anyway, he intends to use the Urban Meyer model and never play tough out-of-conference opponents again. Meyer is about to go through two seasons undefeated and not get a sniff at a championship, by the way. And his programs are infamous for poor character kids uncorrected. That is surely not a model I want to see my University emulate. I’m no McGarity fan. My classmate Muschamp, on the record, I “hate” him, too.

But if we hadn’t scheduled Clemson, we’d be #10 in the country right now, so McGarity does have a point. UGA, like #10 LSU and #11 A&M and #13 S Carolina, has lost two conference games. UGA had only one bad loss this year, with a mash unit dropping a damn winnable game at Vandy which closely resembled our eek out win in J-Ville. UGA beat #13 by eleven points and beat #10 and lost close to #8. Other losses: at Vandy and to #9. Take out a third loss (our first) at #8 Clemson, who just may be one of the best teams in the country when it all shakes out, and GEORGIA would be ranked ahead of LSU and South Carolina by virtue of same record and we beat their butts.

Texas and Georgia, quite similar programs actually, one where I was born (Austin 1970) and one where I attended (BA 1998), are first and second in the “Others Receiving Votes.” I predicted the winner of GEORGIA-FLORIDA would get ranked on Sports Joc College Football Pre-View, 9a-10a EST worldwide at – but that’ll take a week longer because only Michigan lost amongst last week’s 20-25 ranked teams, and old Notre Dame barely edged the classy Midshipmen of the Naval Academy and slipped into the poll, again. They didn’t play a Clemson level team in their opener, just as Florida scheduled down. We will, too, after next year. So get used to it.

Florida plays 70% of their games in the state of Florida. That’s insane, but think about it: they don’t schedule big and FSU and UGA are played in the Sunshine State every year. They put Miami on, still in-state, and look what happened. They play a bowl, it’s usually in Florida. Anyway, Jacksonville’s stadium used to be known as the Gator Bowl, and now it is just our beach house. GLORY TO OL’ GEORGIA!

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