Moreno-Tebow Wishbone?

Imagine for a second what the folks in Denver are imagining. With the Broncos taking our old nemesis Tim Tebow in the first round and pairing him with last year’s first rounder, Knowshon Moreno the great, they have created a situational running backfield that will truly scare opposing defenses. Tebow is a great running quarterback who has never had the opportunity to play aside a great running back to pull defensive attention, like Moreno will. That would fully suck to have to scheme against them in red zone situations. Denver also got Bay-Bay Thomas from Tech, a huge wideout capable of changing a football game by himself and a nice addition for the goofy Tebow jump pass arsenal. Moreno’s head-to-head record versus Tebow was one-and-one, with both teams having a convincing double-digit win in their respective winning seasons. At the end of those seasons: Georgia finished an underrated National #2 the year Moreno completely ruled; Tebow was a one-loss National Champion the year he outplayed Moreno. Not sure if they will be doing any choreographed celebratory dances together anytime soon, but that would definitely make me throw up in my mouth. For the record: UGA has never had a losing record against UF in football.