Multiple Offense

“Picture this. Get the picture, you guys.” the Legendary Larry Munson

Imagine: Dawgs are in an “I.” Toss sweep to Ealey, he gets seven and could have busted that one. The corner was sealed well by Chapas, one of our two big senior white bulls at fullback. And Dawgs up to the line: two fullback power set, Ealey easily follows Muzenmaier through a hole off guard this time and gets the first down plus four more. Branden Smith around end next play for twelve, from a three wides set. Then Dawgs in four wides: Perfect receiver screen set up to Durham, whom crashes through the D with good upfield blocks for eleven. First down. Same set, same play, except this time Murray checks and pumps to Durham and then hits Orson Charles across the middle on a slant. Orson was playing in the slot that time. And Dawgs back up to the line in two back pro set, we fake the pitch to Ealey, and the athletic and mobile Murray runs the other way toward the line and flips it to Caleb King for a four yard gain. Same set. Draw to Caleb for five. Third and one. Back in the “I,” lone wideout is the best player in college football. Fake the fullback dive to Chapas, and it’s Murray on a quick roll out with good protection. AJ Green. AJ Green. AJ Green: Touchdown, GEORGIA!

“And the Sugar is falling from the sky.”