Must Win Back-to-Back

Richt’s dispassionate public demeanor unsettles diehard fans like me sometimes, but if he can coach this talented team to an 11-1 regular season and win the SEC and a BCS bowl all will be golden. Immediately after a Cocktail Party win, any UGA coach or quarterback could run for Governor and win.

In the long-time best-seller Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil a client calls his lawyer from prison asking how it is going. They are attempting to get another trial. The lawyer says things are terrible. Why? Because GEORGIA lost on Saturday. Another character in that same nonfiction book states: “Nothing took precedence over the Georgia-Florida game. Ever.”

So you see what stands between us and glory. The arch nemesis. They are overconfident, as usual, and more unproductive on offense than usual. Our offense is led by our school’s all-time leading touchdown thrower, coming off a stellar personal performance. Murray, a Floridian, has won one Cocktail Party in a row. Something David Greene, QB Mike Bobo, Matthew Stafford each did in our four wins in twenty-two years. But that stat is skewed because we have now won three of eight under Richt recently.

In Richt’s second season, Georgia’s only loss was to Florida. We had more talent – like this year – and we lost via the choke. It cost us a national championship, with Ohio State winning it all. When UGA finished a national #2 recently, we were the best team by season’s end but had lost two early games, one to Carolina. Here, we have lost to Carolina and much like last year they have folded twice for us. A second loss this season by UGA will not net a national top five finish. We will be an SEC East third place also-ran or we will be SEC East Champions (at least) based on this game.

Our Floridian ball coach knows this and so does their UGA alum coach. Richt, Donnan, certainly not Ray Goff never beat Florida in back-to-back games. This year, Richt must.