National Championship or Bust

National Championship or Bust

Han Vance on Georgia football: Dawgs, baby! The Georgia fanbase with the at Notre Dame heartland takeover, the Rose Bowl utter outshine of loud OU dirt farmers in Pasadena, the total Redout of Nashville this weekend, are the current indisputable best fanbase in the world.

As example, prideful Clemson/Bama fans saw secondary market ticket prices plummet to the lowest of any CFP title tilt, in NorCal this calendar year. You could go for the price of a good dinner in San Francisco. Show me your team’s away from home site credentials if you think there is any dispute. Any sport? I pity the fool.

Dawg nation drew more people to a spring game scrimmage than the vast majority of the rest of y’all will ever get anywhere. See, we party like it’s 1980, when Georgia won the oldest public school’s only undisputed national championship (played in January of 1981). Back in 1942, before the masses of American boys/men, including my grandfather Vance who had already served in the Big One, went to fight Nazis and their side in the world’s nastiest war (yes, my grandpa was in both world wars), making college football irrelevant, which sounds impossible in the Deep South, it was a split national title for the Bulldogs. Undefeated and worthy one-loss teams, too, went uncrowned over the decades in the Classic City, the birthplace of American public higher education (1785). Clemson has more nattys in the last three years than Ol’ Georgia does in the whole 150 year history of American college football.

Was yapping with Donald Metcalf and Billy Barnard and “Expat JacK” – happy birthday, young Randy! – on the socials and had to get to the desk and pontificate wider.

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National championship. Or bust. No other detail matters to me that much at this point with exception of another SEC crown has lasting value. And I love detail. Three losses (like last year) is realistically, statistically more probable than 15-0, as the college season is so long now. Only one team has ever done that – Clemson of 2018 – and therefore, obviously nobody from the SEC can claim that feat.

Win the SEC and less than two total regular season losses and Dawgs will make the CFP. Lose at Auburn (who edged Oregon in the Dallas area), at home to A&M (my same grandpa’s school, who gets #1 Clemson this Saturday) where Georgia has not dropped a game in two years, lose a Cocktail Party game at the site of the Gator Bowl, that House of Horrors.

Canines vs. Catholics
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Or fail to conquer Notre Dame as WE should in the Canines vs Catholics series. Beat Bama/LSU/A&M/Aubie in ATL to get to .500 in SEC championship games in school history (3-4).

Win CFP round 1 back in Atlanta where Georgia could play three straight games or out in the desert.

Finish the damn drill!

I’d be much more surprised to see Georgia suffer a big upset, because the running/blocking game is just too hearty for that and the coaching and upperclassmen leadership is too intense. I think Georgia could have simply not thrown at all at Vandy and won.

Let’s look at some negative trends that must be bucked to finally claim another natty: 1. Georgia under Kirby has been blown out, to varying degrees with the first being the worst, in every single true road game versus the SEC West; 2. Georgia is 0-5 in the last five meetings with Alabama, 0-2 under Kirby; 3. Georgia is just .500 (3-3) in the postseason under Kirby. Those aren’t statue-worthy.

Just as Georgia could – someday will – lose Between the Hedges again. Just as Georgia’s 14-0 run over the (weak this week) SEC East can’t go to 50-0. Just as Georgia won’t be 11-1 every regular season from now on. All trends end and have anomalies within…it’s a statistical fact. To win it all, Georgia must buck the bad trends while continuing the good ones. Most of them, anyway. Like 14 and ONE.