October Off to a Bang

GEORGIA…Bama. This is big time, y’all.

Alabama doesn’t want to be forced to realize the dynasty is over. We are poised for a breakthrough.

Alabama had (only) one undefeated SEC + National Champion team during their historic four-year run. They were also the beneficiaries of some unusually good fortune very late during each of their national title seasons. We had them on the ropes deep one year, everyone recalls. LSU was forced to rematch them for the crown, after already beating them on the road, while going undefeated over a grueling regular season when they had the toughest schedule in the country and winning the SEC West and SEC. I’m honestly not sure Bama really had the resume to deserve to get to play for it all that year, though they proved their mettle. Colt McCoy of Texas didn’t play much in the other championship win.

They got but also made their good breaks…until three long years ago. Auburn banished them (before dropping the great SEC national streak, to FSU). Then Oklahoma beat them up in the Sugar Bowl. Then, Ohio State played a backup QB and beat them up in the first round of the inaugural playoff. Now, Ole Miss has taken them twice consecutively.

While let’s do admit that Bama still sits on top down here by virtue of getting that additional SEC title last year. We should all give due credit for that. It’s such a tough league.

Their level of dominance during their impressive run before all that was nowhere near the utter dominance of previous relatively recent dynasties, actually. USC and Nebraska had far more impressive runs where they were quite dominant over their conferences annually and crushed out of conference comp. Especially mid-1990’s Nebraska – they were the pure truth. One thing those two programs could speak to is that once it begins to slip and then slips away for a few years, IT IS OVER. That has been true throughout modern college football. Sustaining the top echelon of greatness is not a realistic goal for any program.

We have been good with a couple near great moments and a couple short dips, once going 6-7 even, during the Richt run. We’ve neared excellence, but even our best teams dropped games and all but one were basically, to varying levels, blown out once per season in a game where we looked wholly unprepared. That has to end here and now. No more! Last time Bama came through on a 10/3, we were a preseason number one and fell down 31-0. AJ from Stafford finished it 41-30, but that game announced the Tide was coming. They won the West that year and it all the next year, finally defeating a crying Tebow in ATL. Then getting what we covet most, the National!

Richt is 3-2 versus Alabama and has the team and, perhaps as or more importantly, the coaching staff in position to go to 4-2 over the Tide this year. They scored 30+ versus Ole Miss and Wisconsin and prepare and tackle well, so we don’t expect them to go down easy. But Coker has not had an SEC road game as a starting QB and that does not bode well for them, nor does his 55% pass completions. Georgia was soft up the middle last year (especially against Florida and Tech in big rivalry losses). Henry will look to test our level of improvement but does not get outside much. This is our moment.