Offensive Mind

This is not nearly as hard as we are making it, y’all. When you have a running quarterback, you run him. When you have a tight end with the best hands on the team, you throw him the football quickly when the primary receiver is covered. When a veteran talent like Keith Marshall is netting positive gains, you don’t go away from him. When your primary runner is all bruised up, you don’t give him carries once it is too late. When there are and have been no holes and you need a yard or you will almost certainly lose the game, don’t repeatedly hammer a backup running back up the middle. Throw a two yard completion, perhaps.

When you change personnel, do it for a reason. It is time for a personnel change at the University of Georgia and it is for a very good reason. And I’m not talking Richt anymore here, because he will be the head football coach for at least the rest of this season and will only leave by his choice if he can simply string together a short sequence of wins against football teams with inferior talent and each with a bad record (save Georgia Southern, who Richt better beat in their Super Bowl. They had Tech beat last year and blew it because they weren’t ready. They are ready now and 6-2). Not looking for a miracle here, on paper Richt should go 9-3 and have a chance for another ten win season in another midlevel bowl.

Honestly, Richt realizes coach Schitty Hire has failed, miserably. It is Brian’s offense. What happens first when an offense struggles is the OC gets canned. Auburn would have fired him twice, already. We played two small programs early so throw those games out. He struggled with effective play calling and offensive execution at Vandy and versus Bama, while he still had the player who broke the yards per carry school record THIS year. Chubb ain’t walking through that door folks until well into the season next year if at all. I think Gurshall-half Keith Marshall deserves first crack at primary runner and Michel should slide back into a myriad weapon-of-versatility role where he has shown he excels. Sony started and popped a hundred at Tennessee, but all teams have gashed UT. The Vols had the last place D in the SEC when we faced them, and we didn’t do that much on offense that game, getting almost nothing in the second half. Everyone has gashed South Carolina, too, so throw games against a .500 team and a 3-win team out as far as quality offensive production goes. The Mizzou win was pathetic. Big Gator Bowl, much worse.

If you need to wait to evaluate this OC hire until the end of the season it will end your tenure, Richt. You said in a clearly humbled Jacksonville press conference that Schitty does a good job in QB meetings and working QBs, so that’s it. He’s your QB coach for the rest of the year. Nobody in our program will accept him returning (and fewer and fewer will accept you). Win a home game versus (4-4) Kentucky and you will get a deserved Bronx Cheer out of the Nation.

Coach John Lilly shredded Grantham’s top-rated Louisville defense in the bowl game last year, though he lost his starting QB at halftime. Yeah, he had Chubb. But dude, Schitty struggled WITH Chubb. That one game credential alone shows Lilly can call plays more effectively than this clown. Get the play calling up in the box, like normal, and get a winning coach who understands the versatile athletes on this and every GEORGIA roster at any and every time – EVEN NOW – to call the plays for our program. I know Richt does not want to call plays again, so this gives an option he has used and trusted. Which has worked, because let us all be mature enough adults to admit this big mistake has not. (Hi, Bobo)

I do like what Jeremy Pruitt has done with our defense over a year and a half, and especially love the heart shown by gamers Davin Bellamy and Jake Ganus. Pruitt still a candidate to replace Richt eventually? I’d say yes. Kirby Smart sliding right in next season and Pruitt staying in Athens with a huge (like double) raise? That could happen, too. Kirby coached the D as Pruitt coached the the DBs at BAMA – the program we are failing to emulate – when we should instead be explosive, high scoring GEORGIA. Pruitt has only been a coordinator for two years (with one National Championship at FSU – Pruitt must have just hated the culture there. I read in a thorough investigative journalism piece in the New York Times on how insanely far out of control it has been in west Florida).

Still badly hate our special teams and wish we had one guy who was the special teams coach. If Lilly became OC and Schitty fell on a sword, we could hire one next year. Richt fixed one thing while still failing at the other, then the offense failed. Winning at one third of the game is called losing. (plus 1 and minus 2…yep, my math is solid on this.)

Richt can still somewhat fix this year, though. He is nothing if not a proven fixer (and bad frontrunner). We can be good not great. Right now we are just plain bad.

Our regional rival teams nearby, Tech (3 wins), Auburn (4 wins) are amazingly both worse than Georgia this year. Georgia Southern is the only winning team left on an unusually soft schedule, featuring only three total winning teams.

Talking poor strength of schedule: next year looks even more manageable, with our toughest game looking to be a could-be-fun trip to the Grove to face Ole Miss, who are still quite beatable.

Sept. 3 North Carolina (ATL)


Sept. 17 at Missouri

Sept. 24 at Ole Miss


Oct. 8 at South Carolina


Oct. 22 BYE

Oct. 29 Florida (JAX)

Nov. 5 at Kentucky

Nov. 12 AUBURN



Don’t get upset at home Saturday and powerhouse Georgia will be favored in the rest of the games if we keep winning. UGA was actually the opening line Vegas favorite in every single game this year, though the Cocktail Party (FREE MONEY I PROUDLY PASSED ON!) line had shifted to Florida by the start of game week.

We still have a shot at the state championship, though I’m sort of leaning Georgia Southern based on on-field performance and momentum of football program. We would have gotten crushed by LSU or Bama in ATL, anyway, sorry folks but this is our rebuilding year. Next year… Next year…

Here are some more suggestions Coach Lilly could implement, from my Facebook page called Big Hairy Blawg (please look it up and LIKE me there):

I want Bauta on runs, Greyson from the pocket on quick hits. Michel from the Wild Dawg, Ramsey punting his heart out, Quayvon on fullback flairs, three-back sets, then no backs, I want variety. And throw my dude Jeb Blazevich the damn football! Joystick and Michel played in the same backfield in high school. We have the athletes. Godwin and Malcolm are studs. No excuses. Much better game plan. Nothing to lose offense let it rip.

Play with utter energy and concentrated execution. Good middle school teams do it…