Okefenokee Oar at Stake

Jacksonville, FL:

Inside the numbers. 24-20, 17-9, 23-20, 3 straight. We are favored by 11. Is it 10 more wins or 9 more wins? Depends on your perspective, but I could give the Gators the nod there in a predecessor state ag school not necessarily being the University of Florida. (They don’t count 1904.) Otherwise, FU, UF!

Since 1915, Georgia has a 49-40-2 record versus Florida. The trophy for the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party is from our swamp, an Okefenokee Oar. The stadium is solidly theirs: “Gator Bowl” is played there, and we were relegated to it last year and lost in a bowl back-to-back against Nebraska. Game moved to JAX in 1933 and IT IS A “PARTY” so get off your PC soapbox and drink up if you so choose to imbibe.

Georgia has won half the games since the modern era breakthrough Pollack and Greene’s senior year in 2004. Only once has GEORGIA won big: a 12-point victory dance in 2007. The next year Florida beat us worse. We won 3 of 20, then 3 straight. The momentum is ours.

Here me out: Here on out: The winning team gets the lead name:

“GEORGIA-florida” not the other way around. Unless the House of Horrors reveals itself…again. I think, Dawgs win.

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