Parallel DawgsNations

Interesting the parallels between the football and baseball programs at GEORGIA. Two seasons ago, both finished as National Runners Up. UGA football smoked Hawaii in the Sugar Bowl, after being outvoted in favor of LSU. UGA baseball was up a game in the best of three College World Series final series, before dropping two consecutive to Fresno State. Resultant: The Dawgs were oh so close in football and oh so close in baseball. We felt the great divide between 1st and 2nd.

This past season, UGA was a regular season Number One in football and baseball. Then we fell off in both sports. The football team finished 10-3, and the baseball team was barely ranked at seasons end at 24th.

We are in the mix in two of three major men’s sports and recently hired a new basketball coach. Long way to rise up in hoops, but in baseball and even more so in football, we are right there as a system, as a program. We just need to take the final steps to glory.

Baseball head coach David Perno benefits from Jason Eller’s strong recruiting and the program is at a point that NCAA postseason play is a regularity. College World Series visits have become frequent.

Football head coach Mark Richt benefits from Rodney Garner’s strong recruiting and the program is solidly top ten. Richt has two SEC rings and has finished #2 and #3 nationally.

Nothing remains as an unaccomplished goal in either program except National Championships. Go Dawgs!