Ah, the Prolonged Misery of J-ville

In J-ville, Georgia played with the most heart I’ve seen from us in years in the fourth quarter and came up just short, as Aaron Murray’s fourth turnover of the day (third interception) was picked in overtime and the Gators kicked the three. We have won three total games versus them in what feels like forever and have dropped five games in a row for two seasons straight.

Yet, I’m firmly behind the future of this program. Murray is only a redshirt freshman. Washaun Ealey, Caleb King, Orson Charles, Tavarres King, and Aron White should all be back on offense next season, unless Caleb somehow turns it on and goes pro. AJ will go pro early.

On defense, Justin Houston will go pro early, but we have to like what Grantham has done as a whole. We aren’t a bad defense anymore statistically, though the thirty-four that Urban Meyer put on us coming off his bye week certainly hurt us.

It hurts to lose this game, and we must find a way to break through. UGA won a recent close game against UF down there a grand total of once (Fred Gibson’s “Go-Go Gadget arms” catch when Greene and Pollack were seniors). The way I see it we may have to beat Florida convincingly, as we did with Moreno running strong, to beat them at all. Every big break seems to go their way at the Cocktail Party, and they are making those breaks happen. We aren’t and Richt must right this course of action.

By the way, we play Idaho State this week in a matchup being billed as the Classic City’s Littlest Outdoor Cocktail Party. Scheduling them this late in the year was a total joke. Dawgs win, and yet again, move back to .500, with #2 Auburn on the docket. Auburn has dropped four straight to Georgia in a historically tight series. The oldest series in the Deep South was first played in Piedmont Park.