Quarterbacks & Hangovers

Quarterbacks & Hangovers

Han Vance on Georgia football: You should have expected this. I did.

An SEC East loss was way overdue when South Carolina clucked out a victory in Athens last season, and an SEC East traditional rivalry loss simply had to happen in Florida someday. It hurts, though.

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Had Georgia hung on at Bama where the Dawgs still led with 4:04 left in the 3rd, UGA would be a contender for a rematch in The 404 and the CFP. Florida could drop another game, and almost all college football teams lose one game or more a year, including every CFP era champion before the last two. Losses happen.

Getting beat by more than 15, twice, though, that means you suck. Point blank and period.

Georgia is playing for a NY6 Peach Bowl, in a year the CFP first round is Sugar and Rose. An Orange Bowl is also a possibility, which is where Florida has ended up in a similar situation. Peach Bowl with limited fans against a Cincy – that could beat Georgia unless things change a bunch for the better – is a bust.

Jake Fromm left Georgia as the school’s all-time completion percentage leader. Rightly called a game manager by most, he managed a lot of big wins, including going 3-0 vs. UF. Completion percentage matters!

Aaron Murray left Georgia as the still-standing SEC stat beast, of all-time. He outlasted scrappy Gators teams three times, only losing in OT as a redshirt frosh (3-1 for all you math majors out there in Dogland). Yardage totals and throwing for TDs matters!

David Greene left UGA as the then-all time winningest QB in college history, still the man in the SEC. He beat Florida once. Wins matter!

Matthew Stafford was the #1 NFL draftee. He bested Florida once. Sure, raw talent matters but what you do to develop it, to win games, ultimately matters most in this sport.

Mike Bobo put it together as a senior and beat the Gators, once.

No other Georgia passer has beaten Florida, at all, since I was a freshman, after a gap year. I’m 50. And, this isn’t okay.

Quit coddling the coaches, fans. Stop with the excuses. Richt was 3-2 his last five versus Florida, and Kirby is 3-2 versus Florida. Richt was 5-10 versus Florida, having some real success against all other programs.

While Coach Smart, with recruiting classes that ranked: 3, 1, 3, 1, is just 30% against his big foes now, with one-game over .500 on UF and 0-5 in the key games against LSU and Bama. One game Florida was ultimately a 4-7 team and Georgia was loaded with Richt recruits ready to run and rumble. Erase that one-game advantage, and he’s a toss-a-coin coach against our biggest rival.

While nowhere near the success that LSU had last year, after blowing Georgia out the year prior as well. And Bama is just where he used to work, nothing near what he has become.

Facts: Fromm/Murray 6-1. Three other wins.

Time to move the game to Jacksonville only every third year and get more home games in-state, while keeping the tradition alive.

Time to find a third quarterback who can beat Florida, regularly.