Ranking Coalition Teams

Ranking Coalition Teams

Han Vance on American college football: The preseason Amway Coaches Poll Top 25 was utterly ravaged by the recent departures of Power 5 conferences the Big Ten and Pac-12 from the upcoming – IT IS HAPPENING – fall football slate for 2020, and although the important CFP rankings DO NOT consider the coaches or AP polls in ranking their teams into what has become the real rankings, some weeks on into each football season, a bit of perspective can surely be gained by looking at what is left.

As I pointed out, the gone-two conferences have had zero national champions or CFP wins in five full seasons, after Ohio State won the first CFP title over an outmatched Oregon, and in 15 long and evolutionary years those so-called Power conferences produced only that lone Natty. The tip-top of our sport simply doesn’t need those conferences to crown a valid champion; however, the middle of the sport is truly hurt. Even not having strong football school Boise State of the (paused) little Mt. West hurts, as this is perhaps the most likely year for a proven Group of 5 winner such as them to finally reach the CFP, with the champions of the Big 12, SEC and ACC all but guaranteed seats at the always too-small four-team table.

Only college is dumb enough for four teams to represent five conferences and five conferences to represent 10. But that’s not a 2020 issue.

Here’s what just happened:
1. Clemson
2. Bama (moved up a slot with no Ohio State)
3. GEORGIA (up 1 slot)
4. LSU (up 1 slot)
5. Oklahoma (up 1 slot)
–Not that much disruption at the top, unless you consider the deletion of my national champion pick to be so detrimental to the sport that it can’t carry on; I certainly don’t, but now watch…

6. Florida (up 2 slots)
7. Notre Dame, in ACC (up 3 slots)
8. Auburn (up 3 slots)
9. Texas A&M (up 4 slots)
10. Texas (up 4 slots)
–Coming off a remarkably bad year in which they fell way back to the pack and probably weren’t in the top four teams in their state, after one blip-on-the-radar good year, Texas is suddenly top 10?

11. Okie St (up 5)
12 UNC (up 7)
13. UCF (up 8)
14. Cincy (up 8)
15. VATech (up 9)
–Up 9 to 15th illustrates it, in such a huge bolt up, the big hit to our sport.

16. Iowa St (up 9)
17. Tenn (up 9)
18. Kentucky (up 11)
19. Memphis (up 11)
20. Baylor (up 11)
–Tennessee and Kentucky in the top 20…in football?

21. Louisville (up 12)
22. Miami (up 12)
23. Appalachian St (up 12)
24. Navy (up 12)
25. Virg (up 12)
–You’re talking almost half of their original top 25.

Into others receiving votes: Miss St (Up 13) and TCU (up 13)
–A program that fired its coach and faces probably the toughest division in sport and my parents’ alma mater, a private school program that had a rare blip-on-the-radar sub .500 year, almost ranked.