Ranking Our Rivals: UGA Has Plenty

Ranking Our Rivals: UGA Has Plenty

Founding voice HAN VANCE annually ranks the Georgia football rivalries, and the list always has some fluctuations. Here’s the post-pandemic 2021 iteration, folks:

1. FLORIDA – Don’t recall a time when Florida was not the single biggest rival. When Tech beat Georgia three straight under Jim Donnan at the end of his long coaching career, maybe. Mark Richt ended that inglorious streak his first year; I was on the Tech 50-yard line third row, getting an ice shower and taunting thousands. 1990 when Tech won it all and I was a true frosh, maybe. They won big in Athens. Ponzi-Jim went just 1-3 versus the Gators. Prior, Ray Goff beat them just once, and that pre-Spurrier. Predecessor to Kirby and his one-time boss, Richt was 5-10 at Jax over a decade and a half of good coaching in Athens. His combined record against all other teams would be near the best winning percentage of any coach at any school. Can’t get those 10 back, though. Smart’s just one game over .500 at 3-2 is the single greatest improvement he has made over the rest of the post-Dooley list. Recruiting sha mooting show me the wins on the biggest stages. That double OT Rose Bowl trophy is dusty. Richt actually had a better record through five years than Kirby does right now, but if Georgia beats Florida to go 4-2, I’ll call that some real progress. Lose that game, we honestly need to reconsider everything. That’s how huge the SEC East de facto championship is in Florida, for us at Georgia. Could have won last year by sticking to the power run which was working (14-0). Georgian Fromm was 3-0 versus the Gators. Floridian Murray was 1-3 with the lone loss as a redshirt freshman in OT. No other QB in the modern Dawg era has won the Cocktail Party more than once. That’s too terrible. We’ll be in Jacksonville filming an episode of my new culture and sporting travel TV show ALL COLLEGE REPORT – subscribe to the channel called Han Vance on YouTube to follow the show as it develops. Free. (We’ll be selling the whole season.)

2. TECH – I have seen the Rambling Wreck fall pretty far down the list before, but no real rival is having success with UGA.

3. AUBURN – Georgia owns Auburn, just as I had a male bloodline VANCE relative born in what is now called Alabama but was then owned by the Empire of Georgia. Came to find out fairly recently I do have some deep Georgian roots: Lt Colonel McDuff “MD” Daniel Vance lost the Civil War – he would have probably favored UGA in the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry (first played in Atlanta Feb 20, 1892) as a Georgian – then he went to Oxford, Mississippi, where he was the Reconstruction mayor and a later-influence for the jilted mascot Col Reb. He didn’t give the Yankees all the fed money, got arrested for it, got immediately pardoned by his replacement (sic homeboy from the South), and he had had my great grandpa Vance before he moved to become a real Boomer/Sooner. My grandpa was born out there, Indian Territory Oklahoma. Then I was born to his son, us both being Texans. The WWI & WWII aviation pioneer Paul Albert Vance went to Texas A&M. They play at Ole Miss this year, and I’m going. This family saga is all going to be covered on an episode of ALL COLLEGE REPORT. Please subscribe to YouTube: Han Vance if you like the South and culture. Aubie is Uga’s plaything. We chew them up and spit them out. Didn’t have to mention the 12-of-15 ownage. But I just did!

4. ALABAMA – Not a (real or) traditional rival, but Georgia has played well enough to make this a (one-sided) rivalry. They won 6-of-12 national championships, while recently going 3-0 versus Kirby (all in games Georgia led and should have won).

5. CLEMSON – Georgia owns Clemson! We will be in the Queen City to film an episode of ALL COLLEGE REPORT.

6. TENNESSEE – Should be ashamed to be so low on my list, now.

7. SOUTH CAROLINA – Won on their last trip to Athens. You may have heard…it’s a night game, the first real SEC tailgate in the Classic City in two years. Of course, ALL COLLEGE REPORT will be filming there then.