Return of the Voice

Return of the Voice

Han Vance on Georgia football: Fresh off an offseason contractual writing gig for UGA Wire, part of the USA TODAY Sports Network, founder HAN VANCE returns to BIG HAIRY BLAWG! #BHB#1

Inside the GEORGIA fishbowl, deep in it.

Full of Pollyanna fishes, I’ve easily been one of Kirby Smart’s harshest critics. A realist.

The only critic harsher has probably been Kirby himself.

While I never see him stand in front of the media and say, “It was all my fault” (for allowing a fake punt on 4th and long from midfield in a tied SECCG, for example) for anything, I know he ain’t sleeping well, y’all.

It’s written all over his rapidly-aging face.

It’s evident in what he does, his ongoing battle against impostor syndrome. The creeping doubt that screams so quietly, “I’m not a winner of my biggest games, because of _______.”

Me. I can sleep well in the offseason…maybe because I’m so tired…of good not great.

Kirby can’t.

He is too busy spending almost one full million dollars more than his nearest competitor (BAMA) on recruiting (source: Atlanta Business Chronicle). That’s just the money we see, too, on the fiscal record. Obviously, there could be further expenditures. Georgia out-recruited EVERY program in the nation 2-of-3 years, of late. It’s ALL recruiting.

Getting all-in for the fairly distant in college football time terms future, instead of all-in and present on the present. The time to win it all at UGA is now, not once a current 17-year-old matures. Of Georgia’s five highest-rated recruits of all-time in the modern era, one panned out at all for UGA. And, even he was not a huge star for the Dawgs. So, don’t talk to me about teenage saviors.

Back in Herschel’s day, national recruiting rankings were not even a thing. Recruiting national championships = no trophy. Clemson is never #1 in recruiting. They have rings.

Correcting last year’s biggest mistake – each of his four years has had at least one brightly glaring head coaching error staring back at him, which I could list but won’t, now – in letting a previously-failed play caller at schools in Florida call plays for a (doomed) national championship contender, here.

Because he liked his rah rah yes-sir-coach attitude. Terrible choice! The new guy may be way better but he loses 4-of-5 off the Great Wall of Georgia, the tight ends, the top RB taken in the NFL draft, his quality senior running mate in the backfield, the QB with the highest completion percentage in long school history, whose teams won 13, 11 and 12 games.

Fact is, Kirby went 8-5 without Jake, in his whole short career.

1785. 1892. 1942. 1946. 1980. 1982. 2002. 2007. 2012. 2017. 2018. 2019…tick tick tick…

Party Like It’s 1980!

Time flies. Or it seems like forever. Or 1980 was so very long ago that I were a wee lad of 10. I’m turning 50 before toe meets leather, in ATL in 2020…I’ll be there, here.