Richt, AJ, Back 8, All-Decade, Bobo

Mark Richt remains a top ten active coach with a career record of 96-33 at Georgia. In fact with Meyer leaving Florida after the bowl game, Richt will have the highest career winning percentage of any active SEC coach. Should UGA beat UCF on December 31, Richt will have won 97 games in 10 years – exceeding ANY reasonable expectation at 9.7 wins per season. That said, we lost 5 football games last season and are a pathetic 6-6 this season. Same record this year as the always mediocre Kentucky Wildcats and currently downtrodden UT Vols. Teams we beat but may have trouble proving we were much better than.

What went wrong in one word: GREEN. With a redshirt freshman quarterback missing the only proven receiver in the program, UGA lost 3 straight competitive SEC games against bowl-bound teams and was 1-3. Then AJ returned for Colorado and dominated, until he went out with cramps, and Georgia found a way to lose.

Over the back 8 games, Georgia has a chance to finish 6-2 with a win in the Liberty Bowl over Conference USA Champion Central Florida. 6-2 extrapolates to nearly the same winning percentage Richt has had at GEORGIA.

So, we are in reality not that far off pace when you consider how we played after the awful start. At 1-4, 7-6 was looking pretty good considering Auburn was on the schedule and clearly outclassed all conference competition with pay-for-play, daddy-did-it-not-me stud Cam Newton at the helm.

Had UGA pulled out the Florida game instead of losing in overtime, the fan base would be much more pleased with where we are today. Richt is 2-8 versus Florida, as my former classmate Will Muschamp takes the reigns at the Swamp. Coach is 9-1 versus Tech and can go to 8-2 in bowl games, but we must beat Florida and win 10 games next season or I expect a coaching change. That single rivalry is that important, and that level of success is now demanded at Georgia. Why? Because Coach Mark Richt has raised the standards that high this decade. Donnan couldn’t do it consistently; Dooley couldn’t do it consistently. Can Richt do it again, and then win it all?

Here’s the UGA All-Decade Team:

QB: Greene; TB: Moreno; FB: Southerland; WR: Green, Massaquoi; TE: Watson; OL: B. Jones, Velasco, Jean-Gilles, J. Stinchcomb, Boling

K: Walsh; P: Butler

DL: Grant, Pollack, Owens, Atkins; LB: Curran, Bailey, Ellerbe, Thurman; DB: Jennings, Allen, Blue, Davis

One final thing: Coach Mike Bobo’s offense has scored the following totals in the past 7 games: 41, 43, 44, 31, 55, 31, 42 – the best 7-game stretch in UGA football history.