Rivalries Shifting for Ol' Georgia

Rivalries Shifting for Ol’ Georgia

Usually getting ready for the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry, right about now, instead of checkerboard end zones. But [old] Aubie couldn’t handle Georgia and Alabama as their last two SEC games, anymore. They complained to the SEC office – up the road in Birmingham – and got Auburn/Tennessee flip-flopped on the UGA slate, every year.

Last year was supposed to be the first year of what I consider a minor tragedy, as so very much had historically been on the line for the Dawgs (and also the Tiger-Eagle-Plainsmen, more than occasionally) when the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry rolled around well on into autumn. SEC titles for Georgia almost surely included having to get by Auburn and get one more league win…no more.

Nobody much noticed the shifting schedules’ decimation of great tradition, because that year’s schedule was scrapped and retooled for the major tragedy global pandemic – which was very real. Almost everyone who knows a whole lot of people around America, like I do, personally knows someone who died from the virus and its mismanagement. That should be easily understandable; it is by truly smart folks.

This schedule shifting BS definitely is not. Moving this game sucks! Sure, I noticed. Sure, I cared. Auburn wasn’t even forced to repay the extra home game that was the nightmarish Miracle: The Prayer at Jordan-Hare. But, again, the league office is located in Birmingham. They’d solely gifted Auburn a win over an upstart Georgia State earlier this year, closing their eyes during video review of a clear drop Auburn had to have as a completion to win.

It was the single worst review in the history of review. And they’d cheat you, too.

Just in – we are not only heading to Memphis and Oxford on the forthcoming “Southern Legacies” episode of ALL COLLEGE REPORT [Subscribe on YouTube], we are passing through Birmingham on the way back and filming at the Old Gray Lady – Legion Field. Where Tennessee used to play Auburn, where Georgia Tech used to play Auburn. Where Bama played multiple times a season, until they didn’t.

Even new UAB has abandoned the hunk of steel for cushy new confines, but I’m talking legacies on the new episode. Starting with my family and Elvis and ending with Bear and upcoming state battles.

The 1942 Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry was Georgia’s only blemish and kept the Dawgs to a split, not consensus, national title. Then the War, then the 1946 DAWGS went unblemished and were wholly robbed of a national title (in favor of two tied teams we’d have whipped and schmaltzy American nostalgia) after they got past Aubie.

February 20, 1892. Piedmont Park, college football rivalries in the Deep South commenced – with Ol’ Georgia (who’d whipped nonrival Mercer 50-0 at Herty Field in Athens, prior). David Greene! Kirby, even. The series just matters too much to let some rednecks dictate when it goes down, y’all, to the advantage of one school and no advantage whatsoever to the other. I’ll be up the street in the park in Atlanta on February 20th, celebrating the holiday I invented: Rivalry Day. Shame, I say! Shame on the leaders at Auburn and the SEC powers that be.  …We get Tennessee.

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