Rose Bowl Residuals: DAWGS Go Hollywood

Rose Bowl Residuals: DAWGS Go Hollywood

Boom! It’s Saturday!!!

We could’ve gone on this week but that’s Week Zero. No need for football zeroes when we fixin’ to finish this season #1 on 1/10/22. GO DAWGS!!!

Sic em Week 1. Holiday weekend.

At night in the city (of Charlotte); the biggest regular season matchup of the year:


vs clemson

In 1981 they beat UGA and won it all. In 1980 Georgia had previously done the same. Now, the MIGOS fav team, and mine, and yours – THOSE BIG HAIRY DAWGS!, ye silver britches, the inventors of public higher education, are looking up at Clemmy, Clem & Sons LLC. They won two more Nattys and are #3.

Dawgs are 5th:

The loser of this game between two starting quarterbacks from California, both in the top 5 Vegas favorites for the Heisman, one who got his feet wet with a couple injury nods last season – their guy. One who started for USC as a true frosh in what would have been his senior year of high school. That runner-up Saturday, whichever side he is on, still has a legit shot at winning the Heisman and even the Natty, but it’ll be a longshot.

Win now in NC, Dawgs! This is the start of the trip.

We have JT$ (and me):

Two-of-three of the “O” schools will make the CFP: Oklahoma, Ohio State, Oregon.

Two-of-three from our Piedmont’s finest: Bama (who also starts a Cali kid), Clemson and Georgia, will make it, too. I see the Bulldogs in the College Football Playoff in 2021.

…This is Georgia’s year!

And not only is Daniels a cool California-Dawg, so is my player to watch for this football year: running back Kendall Milton. He will break out this season!

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