Rundown of SECCG at UGA

Rundown of SECCG at UGA

Han Vance on GEORGIA Football: UGA has just three (2002, 2005, 2017) wins in eight fitful trips to the SEC championship game in Atlanta, two by Mark Richt in his first five years as a head coach (at any level) and one in Kirby Smart’s first five years as a head coach (at any level). That’s just not good enough, y’all. It’s not! Big game Saturday at 4 p.m. as UGA can break a tie with Tennessee for the second-most SEC titles, to Bama. Kirby is a literally sad 0-5 vs strong LSU and mighty Alabama as a head coach. Don’t expect that to satisfy.


2002 UGA beats Arkansas, because Alabama had been caught cheating, again, and were ineligible. I was there and it was not close. We jumped all over them Hogs, right away. It was anticlimactic, actually. I felt a little sad knowing no Natty. That was a great (13-1) team that probably would have won a college football playoff. Instead, Ohio State won it all, ending the run by Miami’s last great team. UGA got a good FSU, playing without its troubled starting QB, in the sUGAr.


The next year (2003) LSU kicked the crap out of Georgia, who failed mostly in pass protection – I was there, again – and sadly lost the cheering contest to outnumbered Cajuns. They won a half-Natty, with USC, beating Oklahoma. You can bet against the “O” teams at the biggest stages and win on percentage: Oklahoma, Ohio State, Oregon. You can bet against UGA in the SECCG over the years and make money, too. We had made it to two in a row, though.


LSU again in 2005 and my buddy DJ Shockley pulled off the upset. I saw that same LSU later in the Peach, as they smoked Miami. LSU had a good team and so did UGA (good not great), who partied too hard and lost the relocated SugaR, also played in the ATL, to West Virginia’s best team, barely.


It was almost a rivalry then, of the two best SEC programs – at that stretch of time under Richt – when Georgia saw LSU again in 2011. We snuffed them in the 1st half and then the Honey Badger scored late before the break, juking 11 guys. They beat us to a pulp in the 2nd, as the favored team. Then they played Bama, again, after winning 9-6 on the Capstone. They were undefeated, lost 21-0.


Next year was the best shot Richt had at a Natty (as back in 2002 Ohio State and Miami were undefeated, while UGA had barely lost at Jax…I was there…), in 2012. Four yards and a fingertip tip. Four lousy Georgia Dome yards. Bama blew out ND, after. Richt never Finished the Drill.



In 2017, Kirby Smart took almost all Richt recruits and a workman frosh QB and beat a beat-up Auburn, who had blown him out on the Plains. The joys of Pasadena – I was there – and pains…of more Atlanta. Fans remember 2nd and 26, but Bama missed a short-ish game winning field goal. Kirby had already tried to blow it, clinching visibly on television. Watch the replay if you dare: He was visibly scared.


In 2018, the game was tied in the 4th when Kirby made by far his worst coaching gaffe. A fake punt from midfield on 4th and 11, because he later said, “I didn’t want to go to overtime.” This was the single worst coaching decision I have ever seen in any sport in my 51 years, short of a coach tackling an opponent.


In 2019, Georgia just too depleted and LSU (3-1 in SECCG vs UGA), special.


…All we are asking for here is to go a game below .500 at UGA (4-5) and for Kirby to go to .500 (2-2 – where Richt was in four tries, y’all)  – in the SECCG, which is always played in-state to a very pro-GEORGIA crowd.

I find the 3-5 record totally embarrassing, as bad as the 1980 (I was 10, then!) jokes and Kirby’s 1-2 record, in a word, SUX.

Prediction: He gets to .500 (30-20).

Heading down there to film FRI & SAT: