SEC Perfection Possible at Rocky Top

SEC Perfection Possible at Rocky Top









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For the first time in the getting way, way too long Smart-Richt-Donna-Goff, post-Dooley coaching era(s), GEORGIA – a unanimous #1 – can go undefeated in the SEC [regular season, at least], with a win over a key rival on the road. CBS 3:30p big game for Ol’ Georgia at new Tennessee.

First the Vols:

Speaking of hard work, under a new coach who is finding the mountains in the SEC steeper than the we-get-no-respect AAC national uphill battles he faced at UCF, UT is suddenly scary.

With under 15 minutes time of possession, Tennessee quick struck at a Kentucky ready for hoops season (6-0…6-1…BYE…6-2…6-3 ~ I told y’all) for a victory. They put up 45 points, and the Vols – without a good record to show for it – are now the single most explosive team in our tough league. They lead the league in big plays of every denomination, chunk plays aplenty.

Senior VaTech transfer Hendon Hooker, who had to outlast and out pass a Michigan transfer, has 21 touchdowns to two interceptions. Had he been healthy enough and chosen to start all year they may have more than five wins. They went 3-7 last year, worst for them in 97 years.

Tennessee and Georgia are tied for second in SEC championships with 13 (Bama has 28, by the way, including five since 2014), with UT having 16 total conference championships (counting pre-SEC) and UGA having 15. These are clearly the 2a and 2b best programs in SEC history. Period.

UT won the first ever BCS era championship, the year after Peyton left. They have never been in the CFP – Georgia has made it just once (way back in 2017), and is 1-1 in CFP games.

Now Georgia: nobody noticed that Georgia’s best win may be Clemson, again. They are 6-3 (and have no offense). Arkansas is 6-3; Kentucky is 6-3; Auburn was held to a field goal at A&M after talking SECCG. They are 6-3. None of these teams is close to explosive on offense. UT is.

~They wear that ugly safety orange so they can go straight from hunting to Neyland to picking up trash on the side of the highway for their probation without taking a shower. Watch your backs, Dawgs.

I’ll be filming in Memphis then Oxford then Birmingham but won’t miss watching my Dawgs on TV (in Oxford).

In 1982, Georgia swept the SEC then blew a Natty in New Orleans to Penn State. Since then, Georgia has taken a league loss or more, usually getting blown out at least once a year, including every year of the Smart era: 2016 at Ole Miss; 2017 at Auburn; 2018 at LSU; 2019 at Bama & vs Florida. The closest Georgia has come was the 13-1 Mark Richt team his second year, who found a way to barely lose at Jax.

Kirby deserves credit for a 4-2 record there {though he wasn’t facing anything close to their best: Spurrier & Meyer}. This would be another (meaningless) milestone. Only championships matter now for UGA.

SEC, Natty or bust.