Senior Day Reflections

Senior Day Reflections

Han Vance on Georgia football: The end of the year is a distinct time to reflect; so is Senior Day this year. Any rivalry week is only the time to reflect on that particular rival and your relative successes or failures versus them. That’s why it’s sort of nice to see a scrimmage as the final 2021 home game.

That’s the ONLY reason it’s any good. When you play a lesser school, have it be an in-state school, to keep that money (millions per any game) in the state school system and the state economy. It’s already shared with the conference. Why not keep it in Georgia? Especially as the flagship: these things should be considered. We have a standard at GEORGIA that needs to consistently elevate.

Saw on social media some unthoughtful (or just horrid at math) souls claiming that 99.9% of Georgia fans can’t afford to go to games. Bandwagon, anybody? If you found a way to get to games when the team was 8-4 year-after-year, you are a true fan, short for fanatic or fanatical. If not, probably not. Sure, not everyone can make every game, but I know people from distant south Georgia who show up, often. This is not a poor alumni group and this is not close to the poorest state, so let’s recalculate. Fanatics put Georgia games over other expenses, and pining for the game to be on cable means: You Pay For Cable.

I can’t make it this week, even though I will be 18 miles away at the family farm in Jackson County. I have familial commitments, and I will be streaming the game – free with your cost of cable, learn how. It is complimentary with the ESPN App – which is available when you get ESPN. Which is where you wanted to watch the game on TV, in the first place. All games on ESPN are NOT free. Here you have to have ESPN and a device to watch it on: it is possible to stream to your television, phone, iPad.

The Charleston Southern game should not be on the football slate, ever. We could be playing as example Georgia Southern or Kennesaw State. People would actually care.

Instead of going just back to when these seniors started at UGA (five long years ago for some; UGA will lose a lot of juniors this year to the NFL draft, too, so it’s not just seniors saying goodbye to the hedges), let’s go back to when Kirby Smart started, inheriting a talented team that won 10 games annually. It was basically built [2017 SEC champs are evidence  – that was with almost all the same players (and a workman named Jake Fromm)].

Hate to think I won’t be back at my tailgate until next year, when the early home slate is trash.

2015 10-3 GOOD – Top pass D in country and one of the better UGA defense’s overall. Richt won nine then a substitute took over and won the bowl. He had a whole lot of injured and suspended (Gurley’s NIL) talent his last two campaigns.

2016 8-5 BAD – Kirby failed his frosh year. Richt only had one year that bad/worse in 15 tries, after he inherited a team that routinely won only eight games. Kirby got a regular 10-winner.

2017 13-2 GREAT – We won the SEC, in Georgia. We choked away the Natty, in Georgia.

2018 11-3 GOOD – We choked away the SEC, in Georgia. Lost our bowl, too.

2019 12-2 VERY GOOD – A dozen wins is a bunch. Got blown out in SECCG.

2020 8-2 PRETTY GOOD – Played three good teams and beat one, in Georgia. Two losses by 15+.

2021 – Winning the national championship this year or totally busting is the only reality.

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