Soft Schedule Seltzer For Hungover DAWGS?

The only good thing about Reggie Davis dropping the best pass any of our quarterbacks threw over the past two years, at Rocky Top, is the diminished level of big loss hurt I feel right now. See, If Reggie had caught that beautiful bomb of a Lambert pass and the Dawgs held on to win like they should have against a mediocre now just 4-4 Tennessee, GEORGIA would have been – like last year – a one-loss team still playing for a spot in the college football playoff when the clock clicked to 3:30 Saturday in what I now choose to again call the GATOR BOWL, for what I now must call FLORIDA-georgia.

(ME: “F U, U F”)

Aaron Murray ain’t walkin’ through that door, folks! He won three of Richt’s (terrible at just a one to three ratio) lowly little just 5-of-15 Cocktail Parties. He was my wildcard call for an offensive coordinator offer this past offseason, BTW. He is so smart and pragmatic that he probably already realizes he may never get much of a shot to play in the big league, and an offensive coordinator at UGA gets paid about the same as a backup NFL QB. We should offer him the job now. Greene’s available, too.

I’d like to see our current athletic director, whose administration-over-victories reptilian head must be spinning, you know, the assistant Head Gator we hired away from the University of Florida, step up and fire our current offensive coordinator, I believe his name is Schitty Hire, this weekend, without getting prior consent from Richt.

Just tell him, “Coach, LISTEN! I just got off the phone with Coach Schitty. He was a very big mistake you and you alone made, and he’s done at MY University of Georgia Athletic Department. Please salvage this season, Mark, because I still love you, I mean, I believe in you. We are way better off without him…Good night and good luck.” (Click ~ Dial Tone…)

So, when we walked on the field and got humbled and quickly surrendered the Okefenokee Oar again without really putting up a what should be UGA-quality hard-punching fight, the much more realistic goal of the SEC East was all that was at stake but, “Playoffs??? You talking about playoffs? We need to be talking about practice, man. Coach, you best be talking about practice…about practice, man.”

Because you had two weeks and are an “offensive mind” who came up with 3 points in YOUR biggest game of the year after falling down 31-7 in your biggest game last year. Your best draw up – a nice design – was a pitch back which allowed our recruiting bust named Ramsey to miss a pass he should make 99-of-100 times. I predict it will be his last pass at MY University, see, we the alumni, are done. We’re done.

I like that Ministry song, where he yells, repeatedly: “You’ve run out of lies. You’ve run out of lies…” like: Michel is well. Like, we are going to play two quarterbacks.

We had a less than 50% chance to win that game, honestly. Our chance was in running the football with “Lil Tebow” gashing a stingy Gator defense who has shown an inability to stop QB runs, as its only weakness. We didn’t try it. Poor Faton has one unusual skill. We didn’t try it and made him a Lambert-like pocket passer instead. Michel had 13 runs and got right around nothing. We had around 20 rushing yards at half and were losing, not trailing, LOSING 20-0.

Faton had almost as many runs (3) as picks (4).

Georgia, 5 TURNOVERS (to Florida’s 1, netting 3 points total. They gifted us our field goal!).

Our D kept it scoreless early until choke-it-up Reggie went and muffed again. We kept playing him. Jay Rome is another recruiting great ON PAPER total bust. We keep playing him. Brendan Douglas won’t be getting that yard, guys. Keith might have, but that was what, not the rotation, right?

Motivation is your job! Situational football is your job and what coaching is really about. Know the situation and your personnel versus their personnel. You…hapless fools.

Preseason Top 10 Georgia can win 10 games this year, still.

Let’s look at our unusually soft season schedule, again…

1. Louisiana-Monroe – easy W (1-0)
2. at Vandy – they are 3-5 (2-0)
3. South Carolina – 3-5 (3-0)
4. Southern – easy W (4-0)

Then summer ended abruptly!

5. BAMA – not even close (4-1)
6. at Tennessee – 4-4 (4-2)
7. Mizzou – 4-4 (5-2)
BYE – “Should’ve just taken the week off”
8. AT florida GATOR BOWL – THREE POINTS! (5-3)

You went 1-3 in October and scored no TDs in your lone victory nor biggest rivalry.

9. Kentucky – 4-4 (6-3?)
10. at Aubie – 4-4 (7-3?)
11. GEORGIA Southern – They play halfway to Miami
12. at Tech – 3-6 and might be hiring

A whole month off. We continue the longest bowl streak in the SEC (if we qualify).

13. The Toilet Bowl in Nowhere, USA (10-3?)

I could go on…