SOS Tumble is Big Issue

SOS Tumble is Big Issue

Han Vance on Georgia football: Slippage.

While the TCU upset I predicted over an overvalued Texas, who peaked not began current program assent point by upsetting Ol’ Georgia in the, ahem, sUGAr back in January – where the Bulldogs, an otherwise very strong bowl program historically are sub .500 – should have sent minor alarms throughout the ranks of the most-college “system” knowledgeable of the LSU faithful. It didn’t.

WHO WHAT WHEN WHERE WHY and HOW. That’s the college football playoff committee, and a “top 10 win” is only a top 10 win if the losing party remains in the top 10 of the FINAL ranking, by the CFP committee. The other rankings become meaningless once the committee ranks, and the old AP/Coaches then only matter at all again after the bowls are played. The New Year’s 6 entrants selected – for the biggest bowls now – are strictly governed by the committee, only. That’s four “other” bowls and the two CFP first round games; they rotate amongst: Peach, Sugar, Rose, Orange, Fiesta and Cotton. If LSU loses at Alabama, they may not get in as an at-large by a narrow margin, you see, which when splitting hairs is this: their win over Texas won’t (still) be a top 10 win. Neither will Auburn nor Texas A&M, so they’d go from having the at-one-point best resume in the country, to no top 10 wins. None. They could fall from #1 to #5 and be out in the cold.

Oklahoma could be out, because they lost one game, like Georgia (although not nearly as bad of a loss), and they won’t get a top 10 quality win. Good for the SEC. The committee looks closely at “good wins,” “top 10 wins” which are their highest-quality single measurement, I feel, in studying the committee, and “bad losses.” The SEC is also way better than the Big 12 this year. Winning the SEC matters.

The Big 10 champ will get in, I’m sure. The conference is 2nd (or 1st) best in national reputation, right now. Huge win for the conference in Michigan bashing ND by 31. The league has not even scored in the CFP since Ohio State – scary good team with my Heisman pick at QB – last won the CFP, over Alabama then Oregon.

Clemson will get in. 23 straight, they miss WR Hunter Renfrow more than anybody else.

Georgia HAD, no longer has, a decent schedule. See Notre Dame got blown out. Mizzou, Texas A&M, Auburn all had a shot at being good this year and each have multiple losses with more projected coming. If Florida loses the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party, they catch a second loss already. Then play a Mizzou who has quietly owned them. Georgia loses final rankings value as Florida falls. That’s the “system” which exists. Our quality win is gone, long gone, with Michigan fairly weak.

If LSU beats Bama, I like Alabama with no quality wins but the strongest national reputation, ever, to represent the SEC in the CFP. Fair? No. But the committee considers injuries, and Tua won’t be at full-strength in two weeks when Saban hosts his old employer.

The college football playoff final for the less disputable than ever national championship is in every way considered a bowl game, but is simply called National Championship Game. WE want it.

Y’all see…

That leaves just one slot. …So…pack your bags for Zona. I have Georgia the #3 seat, playing Clemson and BlondJesus in the Fiesta.

Can we reach New Orleans and win it all?

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