Southeast Utterly Dominates Nation

Looking at all BCS title games since they began following the 1998 season, the Southeastern region is clearly in total domination of the country in college football. With a 9-4 cumulative record for Southeast-based teams playing in the title game, the proof is in the pudding. The North region is 1-2 in title games (all Ohio State). The Northwest (Oregon) and Midwest (Nebraska) regions are both 0-1. The Southwest region (from the state of Texas to California) has easily the second most title game appearances with eight, but is only 3-5, with Oklahoma going 1-3. Of note: FSU was 1-2 for the Southeast region back at the turn of the century, with the other two losses by Miami and VaTech. The strength of the Southeast as a region is the SEC, 7-0 with five consecutive BCS national titles.

1998 – Tennessee over FSU

1999 – FSU over VaTech

2000 – Oklahoma over FSU

2001 – Miami over Nebraska

2002 – Ohio State over Miami

2003 – LSU over Oklahoma

2004 – USC over Oklahoma

2005 – Texas over USC

2006 – Florida over Ohio State

2007 – LSU over Ohio State

2008 – Florida over Oklahoma

2009 – Bama over Texas

2010 – Auburn over Oregon