Special Teams Have Strong Special Teams

“Special Teams Have Strong Special Teams”

Joystick era underway at UGA. 14 years post-Donnan season underway, and my little BHB itself has a 2007 origin way in the rearview. 7 years. 14 years. TOUCHDOWNS, baby!

Make more touchdowns than your opponents and win. That’s football, we think. But field goals matter, too, more than most realize. Field goals are a product of that strong success indicator: field position. While GEORGIA had the most explosive offense in school history – two years running – we muffed it up in field position, and, therefore of course, points allowed. We had bad special teams, and we did this with the top kicker in the country.

My radio show was all about our poor special teams, in segments of valuable air time and game clock. It cost us games. Losing hurts all of us in the GEORGIA family.

We went from five yards from a national championship replay of 1980, to five losses. Injuries and soft D were not the only negative scenarios at UGA. And Murray was not our only option for team victory, as it often felt.

Three seasons ago, Todd Gurley was our excellent kick returner and a cornerback named Malcolm Mitchell was a scare-the-other-guy threat at primary punt returner. Last season, they were not in those roles, and worse, we had no special teams coaches responsible for the mess, to fire. A special teams coach could not have survived last year’s horrible display under any pretense. He would have looked for other work outside of Athens.

This year, we have two special teams coaches. They have real experience and want to stay at Georgia.

Here is a hidden key to the year: we signed JOYSTICK. “The Human Joystick” inked with the Dawgs in a Sunshine State coup, around the signing of his running mate, RB Sony Michel. They are both fast but unlike Michel, Mr. Isaiah McKenzie fills a position of immediate need as the top incoming kick and punt returner in the country. He will be well coached and set the stage for the Dawgs in 2014 and beyond.