The Portal: Dawgs Get Richer

The Portal: Dawgs Get Richer

Han Vance on Georgia football: Those saying playoff or bust are almost as uniformed as those that call it the playoffs, with an “s” at the end of the silly conclusion one round play-in and previously existent national championship between #1 and #2.

Get informed here, y’all.

It is absolutely 100% not college football playoff or bust. It is national championship or bust this year in the Classic City, where the desert must be warming to my Georgia Bulldogs today.

The truly wrong on the whole topic still stupidly – yeah I said it, that’s straight up stupid – argue that the CFP as it exists is an adequate summation of a season for 130 teams in the biggest bracket.

But that, as we say in the biz, is another subject.

Let’s talk getting rich in the portal.

Georgia loses its defensive backs on the edge, to attrition and early departures to the league and pandemic homesickness, and because previous DB coach Charlton Warren, who was at Florida in 2018 and Georgia for the 2019 and 2020 football seasons, was a mean military guy. That doesn’t fly with today’s kids – they can’t stand that.

Addition by subtraction, he goes to yell in the faces of the kids at Indiana as their new defensive coordinator, and Georgia gets the much nicer Jahmile Addae. Addae was the DB coach at West Va last year, as the Mountaineers led the whole nation in pass defense.

Who led the nation in run D? Dawgs, who yielded unacceptable to any scores of 41 and 44 in two defeats, almost all of that damage coming through the air and had one busted long run assignment all year – which almost cost us the Peach.

Georgia gave up the least long runs, by far and away, in the USA.

Now, you bring in the one guy currently much better than Kirby and Co. at coaching defensive backs to attack the ball in the air, the real problem with our DBs last year, who were usually in position most of the time on big plays in the biggest games, but not then leaping up and punching the damn ball out. The only other chink in our armor was RB wheel routes, which I bet we already got solved.

Tykee Smith is officially a Georgia Bulldog! The 3rd team all-American at West Virginia is a 5-11, 190 pound safety who can also play corner. He takes over at STAR for the hero of the Peach Bowl, who went home to Miami. Aside: never get mad at a kid for going home.

So, the two true cornerbacks then became the problem left to solve. Jalen Kimber has been outpacing young Kelee Ringo, who was hurt last year as an incoming true frosh but was the top high school cornerback in the nation the year prior. Ringo is no 4th Beatle, though, y’all. He is too talented and trying too hard to not get it. And, Ameer Speed’s only lack is elite speed, ironically.

We’d be okay with those three and an infusion of whoever steps ups. Perhaps it would be Brandon Turnage, who comes over from Bama after playing high school ball in Oxford, Miss. Or Kamari Lassiter out of Tuscaloosa, who we out-recruited Clemson for, as he wanted a change of scenery after high school.

Don’t blame him! Athens vs. anywhere in redneck AF Alabama.

Okay is never ever good enough, though. Not to win it all.

Enter Derion Kendrick, the all-ACC corner who was booted off Clemson but will be reformed in Athens. He says he is all about school and football now, which is good because 1. UGA is a much better school than Clem and Son LLC and 2. We can’t settle for less.

Not anymore. I plan to take no lasting joy from recapturing the SEC East in JAX, from those stinking Gators. Win SEC. Win playoff game. Win Natty. A loss along the way? That’s okay, but no non-championship will do. It just wouldn’t be enough this year. Minimum is winning the SEC. And if we win the SEC, we better find a way to get it done.

Marietta Blue Devil (like me, my HS freshman year of 1985) Arik Gilbert is a way. The former LSU tight end, and Gator TE for like a week, is going to play wideout for JT Daniels and GEORGIA.

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