The Real Rivalries

The Real Rivalries

While only somewhat old OU and Texas meet at the Texas State Fairground in South Dallas, at a 50-50 noon game nearly, almost-rivaling (though a distant second to) the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party, the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry (3:30p), which has nothing above it actually, in terms of long, epic history between meaningful and real football schools, is played at a time it was never meant to be. Middle season.

RIVALRY DAY is Feb 20th! That is when this ancient American rivalry began, first played at Piedmont Park in my hometown of Atlanta proper in 1892. See y’all at the park.

Just yester, I were at the lovely little village now called the City of Auburn, filming Ep4 of All College Report [please SUBSCRIBE on YouTube] and getting to know the friendly locals, students, fans. Keeping my enemies close, you could say. Nice folks. Pretty girls and campus, cute town.

Many an Auburn friend, here in The ATL, even in Athens back then when I was in ~ GEORGIA (1785) is about something much more significant than chip on its shoulder Auburn has ever been. WE are elite. WE represent a state, which is easily the capital of the South in all its new modernity. We invented this. UGA is the birthplace of American public higher education: it was a good idea.

NOTE: the “Classic Athens” episode of All College Report is out now! Go to YouTube and search: All College Report (watch / like / subscribe…thank you).

Cold air is what I expect when Aubie comes to the Classic City, when Uga and Hairy head to the plains. But as they do about so very much, almost every year, the ahem denizens of our sister school complained. The SEC divisions are supposed to be at stake when Georgia and Auburn meet late.

Nay I say.

The brand confused Plainsmen-Tigers-WarEagles couldn’t fairly play – better than them – Georgia and Alabama their last two SEC games anymore. The game was moved to now.

They cried to Birmingham, which is where the league office should be removed from and recently gave them a win in a should-be loss versus my oldest son’s school Georgia State. It was clearly a drop, it was game over, it was reviewed, it was called a catch, it was pathetic homerism that must be eradicated from the great, flawed sport forever. All in connection to that should have been fired!

While Georgia is a state, Auburn is not even a flagship. Georgia State was the superior team at Auburn. They (AU) won at an average at best LSU but THIS is a real rivalry. We are going to bring more pure passion to you than you can handle, Auburn. You will succumb.

Keep an eye out for freshman Brock Bowers, who got nothing at home versus Arkansas – which I watched with the nice DFW Dawgs in Ft Worth – after a white hot start to his career. He should hit paydirt today, on the plains.

This the 126th meeting of these great Southern schools, very very South, y’all. This is the second-most played matchup in FBS college football history. We’ll celebrate it at Piedmont Park together for both sides on Feb 20th! Join me there then. That’s for both programs, but this is about GEORGIA.

These schools played twice the only year Kirby won anything of note at all so far as a UGA player or head coach: 2017. Been a minute, now. The two could theoretically meet in the SECCG in ATL again, as Auburn is currently undefeated in the SEC.

Dawgs are giving up less than five (4.6) points a game through five games. Jordan Davis will get to know Bo. While Auburn may triple that average and hit about 15, they shouldn’t be able to keep up with Ol’ Georgia today, who will muster at least 24. WE are talent.