The Return

Dual threat quarterback Nick Marshall makes his first career visit to the Classic City as the starter for sister school Auburn Saturday night at 7:15 p.m. Marshall was kicked out of UGA for theft, and later his continued disciplinary issues resulted in him missing a half a game at the halfway house on The Plains, only after the police intervened.

Coming off near collapses at home versus GEORGIA and (then #1) BAMA which resulted in highly improbable victories, Aubie outscored MIZZOU in an entertaining shootout in ATL for the SEC championship.

Last in the conference in passing D after surviving the Johnny Footballs and Aaron Murrays of the world, the Heisman Trophy winner at FSU saw that the Plainsmen ran out of miracles, though the Team of Destiny could never run short on nicknames. “War Eagle” was drowned out by Tomahawk Chop chanting as the SEC failed to win eight in a row. AU-Barn point blank let the great league down.

Patting themselves on the backs for appearing in the championship game, their fans expected a return to greatness, though they had lost their best defender, blocker and runner to the NFL. Texas A&M and Mississippi State proved that Auburn was just a one hit wonder.

Now UGA comes on the schedule in the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry as Auburn returns to the state where they won our league, before they let the big title slip away.

But the biggest story this week is the return of the best player in college football from suspension. Todd Gurley still has something to prove. And the timing for Aubie is bad. Trend says: the last two AU teams to beat UGA finished the year in the top two, while GEORGIA won six times.

A win would be seven of the last ten total and represent recent UGA series dominance, in what is the historically closest rivalry in college football.

Only a single game back in the East race with the tiebreaker to our advantage and Missouri having three conference games still remaining, UGA has much more to play for and should win at home.