The Xs And The Os, The Ws And The L

Then they stepped forward on a separation Saturday, the defending SEC West and SEC East champions many feel are on another collision course. BAMA — GEORGIA — one has won three-of-four national championships, while netting two non-consecutive conference crowns — the other is going for the three-peat in-division but has not worn a conference crown since 2005. Those four yards linger in the consciousness of the American public, virtually every honest college football fan in the nation knowing what would have happened had Georgia been wise or effective enough to run one more play.

Collision Course. Collision Course. Collision Course. Lick Your Chops, America. December 7th in Atlanta is only two months away, and there is a lot of SEC football to be played still…

Specifically who won the national championship? This year’s Tide leader, C.J. Mosley: he tipped the ball that errantly sailed inbounds. My classmate Kirby Smart. He D-coordinated him to be in that position. To launch high in the air with hands up high though the blocker had you beaten, again. And little Nicky Saban, the least satisfied coach of all time. He sure was happy Saturday night.

Rebel-Rebel. Little Johnny Reb was upstart undefeated after beating down Texas and talking trash out of their helmets of a Faulkner taking on Hemingway intensity. Writing-in-Deep-South-circles Billy was way out of his league smack talking America’s say-what-you-mean great big man of words, and having-beaten-nobody-over-a-good-run University of Mississippi was not mature enough to handle the champs. I mean, Ol’ GEORGIA is older and much more proven football-wise than Ole Miss, and the flagship university of the neighboring state sandwiched between Mississippi and Georgia has earned nothing if not verbal respect. The overhyped, vaunted BAMA D outscored the upstarts 2-0. The Tide came into Saturday’s contest as one of only two undefeated NCAA football programs to yield more yardage than they had gained (Fresno State is the other), and the young, talented Rebel D pushed the still struggling Tide O-line around for a half the T-Town faithful would like to forget. They ran for only 36 yards. They started rotating in a Georgian (Drake of Powder Springs) as part of a three-back attack which ran for more 2nd half yardage than previously explosive Ole Miss got in the whole game. Why am I talking about Alabama? Because they are the champions, of the conference, the country, and we are a legitimate national title contender after that September. Bama has an identity crisis when they want to throw and came into that second half as the single worst running team in the SEC statistically. They won 25-0. We are an offensive clinic. We can run. We can throw and know it and have known it. Can we play enough D to win it all? I don’t know. No one knows yet.

Can anyone stop us? NO! We lost or best receiver on our season opening drive and have played without our best player for big chunks of two of our three biggest games and are a recovered onside kick by a backup kicker away (at #3 Clemson at night) from being undefeated. Nice job by Richt!

We are the most tested team in the sport to date: pro or college. And we are loaded with pros. GURLEY = Hercules BEAST. Murray is the best in the country. Our kicker, our runners, our receivers, our fullback, our tight ends, even our gelling and experienced if sometimes maligned O-line. We are the SEC’s version of Oregon, and the Pac-12 has no recent championships and would want nothing to do with our offense right now. LSU is a defensive dynasty. We gashed them. Gurley had 73 yards on 8 carries. Marshall scooted for 96 without breaking any big ones. Conley had 112 yards. Bennett had two touchdowns. J.J. Green had our biggest run of the day. Lynch was huge. Scott-Wesley made the biggest plays.

Murray for Heisman. Beat an undefeated or one-loss BAMA on 12/7/13 and you can mark it down. Sorry, Johnny Football, but repeating as Heisman is harder than winning the SEC back-to-back, something last done by big Fulmer and the University of Tennessee. 3:30 CBS, just like last year’s Red Out we pulled out 51-44. It won’t be so close this year.

Georgia has scored 35, 41, 45 and 44 and will get near that again. Georgia is winless away from Sanford, where we have now won 15 straight. WOOF! We get the road win Saturday on Rocky Top. We have yielded 38, 30, 21 and 41 but with the competition softening significantly right as young Josh Harvey-Clemmons, Jordan Jenkins and Leonard Floyd mature together, the D will find its way.