Tight Ends Seem Likeliest Solution

Tight Ends Seem Likeliest Solution

Han Vance on Georgia football: {photo of “dude” – he graduated in 2020…but there is an undefeated “dude junior” now.} Darnell Washington was underused in an 8-2 underachieving football season, as Georgia was well outpaced by Florida (8-4 SEC East champions), after losing at Alabama (undefeated SEC & national champions) in 2020. Todd Monken’s offense – down to his fourth actual choice to start at QB after Newman opted, Mathis faltered majorly and looked unprepared, and injury-prone Daniels was “secretly” not healthy enough until the season was a bust – was not built to outscore teams.

And make no mistake about it: that’s what championship offenses must do every year at the highest levels of this sport. This is not a sport where teams that don’t score a lot can win it all, ever anymore, unless this year is the lone outlier of the past few decades. Teams like Iowa, that rely on defense and takeaways, find their day coming.

Success ratio looks not just at final scores but how many possessions you got and in what field position you had the ball, versus how many points your offense actually generated itself. Georgia is lagging in this metric, especially for a #1 team. This metric has proven to be a key predictor of CFP success. Not like once or twice: every single year of the College Football Playoff.

I’m not talking sUGAr bowls, peAch bowls – real championships. Georgia fans are not exactly the most well versed in discussions of such, actually. I’d rather talk that with Clemson fans, who know.

It takes offense to win it all. Period. Why? Sooner (like say the 2018 Rose Bowl) or later your team must score a bunch to win. Or it gets outscored (like say the 2018 national championship game). This is the only CFP Georgia fans ever saw their team in, ever ever, but I have multiple examples for each CFP sitting in the chamber. The notion that every year is distinct in college football – obviously true at its root meaning – is a fallacy in the realest reality that: this is a sport of longer trends playing out.

That’s where I made my money as a semi-professional gambler (not a hobby a job, a second job) for eight years. I learn the longer trends and go with them over my heart. The eye test only works until the day of reckoning comes. That is never on Homecoming. It’s versus the best away from home.

Getting the now healthy #1 “overall athlete” in the country one recruiting year in space, a true freshman last year, a giant athlete at tight end, is a good idea. The emergence of this year’s projected All-American tight end, Brock Bowers of Napa, a new true frosh, means eyes have to go to him. That leaves Washington even less coverable, especially with senior RB James Cook leaking out of the backfield in routes.

I’d throw to these three almost exclusively until the team gets inside the 15, where I’d only then ever hammer Zeus. Of course, I also would have done a one-game power rushing attack last year in winning the Cocktail Party close, by controlling the ball. Instead of exposing a great-against-inferior-comp defense, who got fully picked apart by Florida for over 30 in the first half, after getting their butts busted in the 2nd half at Bama.

Georgia, the fanbase, should stop comparing itself to teams that are barely top 15 at best, probably destined to be unranked in the final CFP (right after the league championship games), the only ranking that matters besides the final polls.

And become elite. You are either elite or you’re not. Elite teams are explosive. Sound familiar?

[From SNL, as Trump, here as Coach Smart]

Five teams had a shot at a Natty this year, I projected this summer. That same five still do. None of them are: Big Blue, Our Kansas, AU-barn.

None of them are from the state of Florida, either, where King Kirby (3-2) could fall to 3-3 at Jax, in a period Florida has definitely struggled, with an otherwise meaningless in terms of actual championships now loss.

This is a game HE has to win, sitting factually regardless of if you just love him so much or not, today at just 3-7 versus Bama, LSU and Florida in his career. A less than one-third winner versus the best talent in the SEC. 1-1 in the CFP.

That’s not even close to elite, y’all.

He has just one SEC ring in his six years – way back in 2017. Needs (at least) an SEC ring this year to best Dooley’s worst (at least one league title every six years) runs over 25 long years. He is also still behind the pace fired coach Mark Richt was (two SEC rings in first five years) at this stage of Richt’s career. Way I see it: This is an absolute must win for Kirby Smart. This is a pivotal game.

So is the SECCG, the CFP, the Natty. Why? Only champions matter anymore, when one man has won 6-in-12 in the country at one school, during a period WE won just one [league] trophy.

SEC East means nada.

Lose here and the team simply won’t have enough confidence to win it all. Although, another SEC East is basically in the bag. We’ve played nobody yet. They are out there.

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special thanks: Johnny “Reb” Vance, Regna, Billy