Mark Richt Era Wins Ranked:

This year’s Florida win feels like the biggest win of the year, though beating LSU is always good and breaking the three-game South Carolina series run was important.

I’d say the Cocktail Party win of 2013 belongs at #9 on the list below:

1. At Auburn (Michael Johnson grab results in SEC East crown)-Year 2.

2. SEC Championship vs Arkansas (1st conference championship)-Year 2.

3. At Tennessee (“Hobnail Boot” launches program)-Year 1.

4. SEC Championship vs. LSU (Upset Bengals for 2nd crown)-Year 5.

5. Sugar Bowl over FSU (1st BCS Win)-Year 2.

6. Cocktail Party (The Endzone Dance)-Year 7.

7. Sugar Bowl over Hawaii (2nd BCS win)-Year 7.

8. Cocktail Party (Gibson’s “Go-Go Gadget” Catch)-Year 4.

9. Cocktail Party (Murray’s 3nd consecutive UGA W in JAX)-Year 13.

10. Auburn in Athens (“Blackout”)-Year 7.