UGA Bowl History:

UGA Bowl History:

With a bid accepted to play TCU in the Liberty Bowl in Memphis on Friday December 30th at noon EST (11a kick in Mempho), Georgia has tied for 4th-most bowl appearances in the country and currently has the 3rd-most bowl wins of any program.

I will be there (my parents actually went to TCU).

Most appearances, including a +1 added for 2016 football season, where applicable, all CFP games are to be counted as bowls: BAMA 65, Texas 53 (no bowl), Nebraska 53, UGA 52, Tennessee 52.

Most bowl wins: BAMA 37, USC 33, UGA 29, Oklahoma 28, Penn State 28, Texas 27, Tennessee 27, Nebraska 26.

Nobody besides BAMA has been as clearly consistent in the history of college football bowls since the 1940s, and they have certainly had their dips. Now you fully see just how mighty the GEORGIA job really is! It’s huge. We are a great football tradition.

Behind only VATech (24), Georgia has the second longest bowl appearances streak going at a full twenty. It’s fair to note that FSU and Ohio St had played in more consecutive than either prior and continuing, but eligibility problems caused vacated bowls. Vacated means it does not favorably count for said school, according to the rules of NCAA records.

These three rankings looked at cumulatively show the high quality of our program and in the bowl appearance streaks category, otherwise mighty BAMA is nowhere in our sight. This proves that we are one of, if not actually the single most, consistent programs in the entirety of the college football bowl era, but with our national titles way back in the early ’40s and ’80s (1942, 1980) it’s been such a long time since we dominated and shined at the highest level.

The University of Georgia also extended the longest active bowl streak in the SEC. At a time it was generally considered the toughest football conference in America, we’ve made bowls for two decades.

Last year’s graduating senior class at Georgia won 3-of-4 bowls, and the Dawgs have celebrated 7-of-10 (including 4 straight once). The program has also won 10-of-15 and a running total of 14-of-20.

Back in 1990, 1993, 1994 and 1996, Georgia didn’t get a bowl game, as the program transitioned from the good Ray Goff years (just two, one 9-win team winning the Independence over Arkansas and a team a mere 3 points from perfection winning the Citrus over Ohio State), to the bad Goff years and to the dawning of the Donnan era. After missing a bowl and going 5-6 to start, Jim Donnan quickly rebuilt Georgia and went 4-0 over the next four years in the postseason, never making a major bowl or winning any SEC titles.

Mark Richt lost his first bowl game (in Nashville, I was there) after an 8-3 regular season and then was by far the best active bowl coach in the SEC at the end of his tenure at UGA, based strictly on bowl winning percentage. Richt made 3 BCS bowls, all Sugars, over his tenure in Athens, going 2-of-3, with the wins over Hawaii and FSU and a loss to WestVA, in a Hurricane Katrina-relocated to ATL game. Richt was 9-of-14, and then the last team he coached also won its bowl, after he left to coach at Miami. At Georgia, he won two SEC titles, the school’s only during the long bowl run. Richt coached for the SEC in Atlanta five times, with six* SEC East championships (*includes ’07 co-champs). SEC (and other conferences’) championship games are considered “postseason” but do not count toward bowl records.

UGA is 29-19-3 in bowl games. In the Donnan to Richt regime change Georgia went 8-of-10 in bowls, the best stretch in school history. At his best, Richt once went 7-of-8. I’m hoping Kirby keeps it going, and we get into the NEW YEAR’S SIX and beyond. Though, 7-5 and heading to the Liberty Bowl honestly doesn’t suggest it.

A dozen SEC moments upcoming this holiday season; a full 12 league teams are going bowling, including (5-7) Miss State who upset Ole Miss in the Egg “Bowl” and had a better APR (academic progress rate) to add insult to injury. Only the Rebs (who destroyed us in Oxford) and rebuilding Mizzou missed a bowl in our league this season. That crappy old school from the plains, (8-4) Auburn made the sUGAr this year, by the way. The swing between 5 and 8 wins is relatively small in an SEC that had no second tier and lots of 3rd and 4th tier squads.

Let’s get that 30th bowl win, Dawgs, and start the all-important coaching year two with a strong finish to an up-and-down 2016.

I will be reporting from Memphis with my lovely alumni wife by my side and am doing some photography of our fans for Bulldawg Illustrated, and be on the lookout for my new full-length article on every SEC Bowl (also for Bulldawg Illustrated) coming soon.

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