UGA vs. Udub

Battle of the Dawgs Friday night in the NCAA tournament in Charlotte, NC (9:45 p.m.) as the University of Georgia Bulldogs will face the Pac-10 tournament champion University of Washington Huskies and hotshot guard Isaiah Thomas. Georgia is a 10 seed, playing in the Big Dance for the 11th time in school history. When It came down to the lingering questions about Georgia on the bubble, the RPI and strength of schedule are what pushed UGA over the hump as compared to SEC West champion BAMA. Georgia’s only two questionable losses were both to BAMA, while we played Notre Dame, Temple, Xavier, Colorado, UAB and Georgia Tech out of conference. Tech is looking for a new head basketball coach by the way, and that is not a bad job if you think about it: inner-city in the gorgeous capital of the South and the second best basketball program in a great state.