Uneven Performance in Nashville

Uneven Performance in Nashville

Han Vance on Georgia football: Coming off two straight tough losses and entering the season ranked #3, Georgia started white hot and then basically faded down the stretch, in front of a majority pro-UGA crowd in the Music City. Dawgs 30, Dores 6.

Georgia scored three touchdowns on three straight opening drives and led 21-0.

The rest of the game it was just 9-6 Georgia. Bulldogs were actually playing poorly enough to lose to any of the ranked teams ahead, although Vandy had a new QB who struggled versus Kirby’s crew. The Georgia blocking and running game is the best in the nation, but overall that was simply not too close to championship level football, y’all. Champions bury bad teams.

Lots of coaching points. Lots of room for improvement. Kirby said, “We have to get better.”

Just as the QB controversy was never-ever real except in the eyes of fans/media/Twitter “experts,” the Fromm campaign for Heisman was over before it ever started. He had a buck-fifty passing and one TD, which came in the first quarter. That’s that. Look across the national landscape at top statistical players, a couple of which he beat out. Look at the stats of the Heisman winners over the past twenty years. That’s 100% out of the question.

I also saw no downfield pass-catching options and did not see any wideouts winning 50-50 balls. That could change, will have to change for Georgia to win more than 10 games. The Swift for Heisman campaign I was shouting loudly about as early as March is a very real reality; however, and the stable is fabled for a reason…or four. Georgia is a running and short passing team.

Poor Vandy is an anomaly in the SEC, a small, private institution in a large, for the Southeast, city full of diversions aplenty. The national champions in college baseball have little to no chance for a good football season, each year. Last year was considered a success, as the team went 6-7 but made a bowl. Rest of the league that could get you fired most years.

The Redout was in effect in big city Tennessee, where across the wide state, Memphis edged a flat Ole Miss and Atlanta’s small league Georgia State beat the Tennessee Vols on Rocky Top. They have a tradition, up there, of still singing their song in defeat…OUCH!

Strength of schedule plummeted yesterday, as Mizzou lost to Wyoming and South Carolina lost to a 2018 two-win North Carolina. State also had only two wins in 2018, by the way. A week earlier, the top 10 Florida Gators barely edged an unranked Miami coming off a bad year, with a quarterback getting his first start. At this point – already – the Georgia-Florida Cocktail Party is for the SEC East. While Kentucky won 10, too, last year, too much attrition in the Bluegrass State has them an also-ran.

The SEC East is straight garbage, and the schedule shows two non-con cupcakes coming to Athens before the Bulldogs resume Power 5 play. We waited all spring and summer for this… yawn …

The #9 Fighting Irish visit the Classic City on 9/21. Now that’s exciting football!

Canines vs. Catholics

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