Untested Dawgs Defense Gets Test

Untested Dawgs Defense Gets Test

HAN VANCE ON GEORGIA FOOTBALL: When you gamble on college football games early in the season, any year, I have an in-summation saying for that, which I first crafted when I was for a second job a semi-professional college football gambler for eight winning years, before I came out of a period of darkness…or was even a writer:

You bet on the name, not the game.

Ignorant of this [soon-evidenced] aspect of every single season, where some teams will slip back to the pack, usually those with a ton of personnel turnover, like say Clem & Son LLC of the Palmetto State, Georgia fans got mad at me – like they oft do for exposing the truth – when I dropped in the fact that there is zero evidence that Clemson 2021 was a good football team.

And, GEORGIA had its worst offensive scoring output in any football game (3 points) over four whole coaching regimes. Coming off a flat offensive performance in the Peach Bowl.

I was closer to widespread panic than pompous. My REM dreams seemed to foretell bad losses coming.

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And, it’s hard to be humble when you beat your old rivals and THEY have won two recent national championships over a team that used to not be a rival, at all, and still doesn’t count YOU as one: BAMA. They are so young, the Tide, that I have little doubt the Dawgs could go into Tuscaloosa right now and kick their butts, but as I explained yesterday, when asked by some smart enough football guys who was better? Georgia or Alabama. I said definitely Georgia right now.

But honestly we are waiting to see: can Kirby keep his cool for once and win the biggest games for once and win it all for once before the greatest coach in the history of the sport – one of the greatest at any game – figures it all the way out. So, that’s US betting against Nick Saban, which has bought nobody a boat, folks.

Clemson was not CLEMSON I said, and I was right and any foolish enough to argue against were proved wrong, again. Listen and learn.

They later almost lost to Tech – Georgia Tech used the Georgia defensive blueprint to barely get beaten by the Tigers – aka Le Tigre, they suck right now.

Yet, Georgia fans still bragged and argued proven dominance. They then lost to the best football program overall from the basketball state of North Carolina: NC State. Further illustration that teams fall, when they lose too much off a team, often: Carolina (and dear man Coach Brown, who is my favorite coach in the sport – great guy I ran into at the Rose Bowl, as he was getting inducted into their little Hall of Fame) were very overrated. They had too much turnover.

Clemson is 2-2 and overrated at #25 in the country, folks, a joke. They should be #51 at best. I have learned in my 51 years that there is what I call a “talent vacuum” created when you come into “identity crisis” resulting from losing say, the top yardage runner in [ACC, here] any football league’s history. And, the number one overall player in the country: White Jesus (You do know our Lord the real Jesus could not have been so white based on where he was from, right? Think about it.), Trevor Lawrence, from Georgia.

Kirby could have had him; he could have played Justin Fields more. He only knows defense and recruiting. He should probably just 100% stay out of all the decisions on the offense, from who to play on to what the schemes should be. He’s terrible, there.

Great defensive mind, he has too much focus (in his, borrowed from a fabled writer, words he is too “busy”) there to see the plain truth. He is just no damn good at all at anything offense oriented.

Recruiting is the slimiest aspect of a long-crooked sport. That’s reality! You can study on that.

He got/had hard trying country boy like himself, Jake, until Jake flaked on him and went pro early off his worst year. His frosh year the coaches robbed a national championship from him. He didn’t throw much, but he captained a mighty ship. I will never ever no matter what recover from seeing Chubb and Sony crying in the end zone in the confetti of my hometown. Forget Hell.

The next year, the coaches – not Fromm – the coaches, especially King Kirby, who finally used Fields in the worst imaginable play call of all time – the fake punt on 4th and 11 from midfield in a tie game – robbed Fromm of another SEC title, another CFP berth. No, I won’t let that go, either.

Too big of a stage for that type of choke. He should’ve shouldered all the blame. He spread it.

So, after they quit knowing what they were doing at all on offense once Pittman left, with James Coley calling very bad and super-obvious plays for a year, Jake flew the coop. Choosing the cold and unforgiving pro bench over a senior year at a place he loved, and he did not need the money: that was an indictment of one man: Kirby Smart.

The lucky win against Clemson has been wholly invalidated, now. That the only upset win Coach Smart has had at all since the 2017 season: the only season he won anything of note: the SEC.

SEC East trophies are not even middle shelf achievements. The SEC LEAST: Vandy is in the SEC East. South Carolina is in the SEC East.

UAB is the team UGA beat with the most going for it right now. They could win Conference USA for a third time in four tries.

All this was setup for this: ARKANSAS – coached by my second favorite college coach, Big Sam – is so much more accomplished than Georgia this year, that we should all be worried. The last three times Kirby and Georgia faced good teams: Cincy, Florida, Bama – Clemson does not count…Georgia got blown out, HIS defense smoked twice, and pulled out one miracle win with a 53-yard field goal in Atlanta.

Texas A&M lost too much, too, as evidence by the fact that they only scored 10 points in Big D. Hogs doubled their score. But the Ags and Longhorns have lost one game total each. They are much better teams than Clemson right now, period. Hogs kicked the crap out of Texas, who have looked great otherwise. They could get us, too.

The reason they won’t is this is Georgia’s best defense – by far. It better be because Georgia’s best runner (we don’t know who that would be) has no long runs. Ladd HONKEY McConkey has the longest run of the year (just 24 yards). Our best weapon on offense is a true frosh from Napa. He ran for a TD too. Can Bowers keep up this torrid pace when he faces an actually good team? Ladd is a good lad, but he first came to UGA as 158-pound walk on WR. Brock was the best tight end in the country, so he is less of a surprise in that he is way more than holding his own, but WOW!!! he is on pace to be team co-MVP, with Jordan Davis.

He has done way more than JT $ – both have.

I love Davis! This Charlotte kid is a man in full. He is the best player in the country, right now.

ESPN keeps reporting it wrong in including the pick 6 the Mailman threw in the defensive stats. Georgia [the defense] has given up scores of 3, 0 [UAB got the pick 6 for their 7 points], 13 and o. Davis and crew are yielding 4 points per game, one touchdown and that scored on mostly second-teamers, and they have scored themselves that much: two defensive TDs and a safety. 16-16. That wins games!

Stuffing the Hogs would show me something real.

They are mostly a running team, with three RBs, a WR and the powerful, huge QB getting in on the fun. They’ve had their fun. Their QB completes around 50% most games – that won’t work in the Classic City…I smell bacon.