Urban Meyer Don’t Bark, Y’all

The AJC’s Alexis Stevens reported in a blurb in friday’s sports’ section that “Meyer barks at writer.” I’d like to see him try that power trip crap with me, because I’d full on drown him out. Urban is a control freak. Urban is a known liar. Urban is a petty, selfish wimp of a man. Urban is a quitter who has often abandoned his recruits after claiming false loyalty. Urban coddles his own crybaby players, but would switch ships for a pay raise without qualm. Urban is a smart football tactician. Urban is chinless. Urban is a sore loser. Urban is many things, but he can’t bark. I’m a real media watch-Dawg who can’t stand for a Gator to be attributed thusly. It gets my cackles up.

We at GEORGIA have always had a winning record against FLORIDA, by the way. This is a horrific and prolonged dry spell, but no, Gay-Turds, the SEC was not formed in 1990 when a bunch of yankees (Florida citizens) and turncoats (Spurrier is from Tennessee) championed the forward pass to great success. Bama, Auburn, Georgia, Tennesse, LSU: In the REAL SOUTH, we know and cherish our great history. Have another mojito on your way back to Jersey Shore. U AIN’T SOUTH! Except for the jorts-wearing north Floridians.

What apparently happened was that reporter Jeremy Fowler of the Orlando Sentinel (correctly!) quoted Gators wideout Deonte Thompson as saying Tebow was not a “real quarterback.”

Meyer: “Don’t mess with our [stupid, uneducated, mom couldn’t spell her son’s own first name] players. Don’t do it. You did it. You do it one more time and the Orlando Sentinel’s not welcome here ever again. Is that clear? You’re a bad guy, man.” That is redundant and ridiculous.

Media has a duty to report on the good and bad in a program. They don’t work for Urban Meyer, and this type of intimidation should not be tolerated in OUR great league. Greatest in the world. The Orlando Sentinel will be covering Gator football long after Urban Meyer quits. Oh wait, he already did; welcome back from retirement.


Question: Will that make Tebow cry, again? Or just Urban Cryer.

Answer: Who cares? The DAWGS will dance in J-Ville, and the Gators (fair weather) fans will leave early.

Love That Freedom of Speech,

Han Vance (Concerned American SOUTHERNER)

{UGA Presidential Scholar 1998, Speech Communication}