Welcome Back to the Classic City

Good morning, Athens, I love you. Oh my heart, we beat Florida and won at Tennessee in the same season and have dropped only one SEC contest eight games into a campaign that saw UGA start 0-2 overall and clearly consider the prospects of a coaching change. The November chill is in the air, and Georgia was point blank as good as any team in the nation in October. Now, we take a pause to inhale. NMSU comes to town. I always especially enjoy UGA kicking the crap out of the New Mexico schools because my dad (and Roger Staubach a year later) played for New Mexico Military Institute, and he used to wear his lettermen’s sweater and sing their fight song while I grew to hate all New Mexico football, though I loved the old man through his notable flaws. Speaking of old men, Mark Richt is the Dean of SEC football head coaches and will be back for year twelve in the Classic City next season. Should Georgia beat Auburn Between the Hedges next Saturday at 3:30 in the Deep South’s Oldest Continuous Rivalry, we surely will have too much mojo and talent for a down Kentucky in Athens a week later. I’ll be on hand to see the Auburn game on the 50-yardline of the sun side, where I have seen many big wins and a few big losses. I am nervous about the game because Auburn has a comparable 6-3 record and a bye week to rest and prepare. Aubie has whipped us more than occasionally in Athens over the years, though only their big Cam win kept us from five straight in the series overall. Six-of-seven may net us an SEC East title, as South Carolina travels to face a talented Arkansas team on the road and then plays a Florida program desperate for a conference win. Kentucky is already in basketball season mode and has one of their worst teams in the past ten years. I was in friends’ seats on the 40 of the shade side when Big Blue last came to Athens – the only time they won at Georgia since the ’70s. Pay them back for that; handle Auburn. And we should be Atlanta bound twice. First to face a Tech program we have beaten 9-of-10, then with a real shot to win the SEC considering our defense is ranked #7 in the nation and we have a much more complete offense than either Bama or LSU. Arkansas is also still alive in the SEC West. They need a little help from LSU with a win tonight, and then they would need to beat LSU. We match up favorably against them because we can score and have a much better defense. If we go from 0-2 to SEC Champs and keep the Tech streak alive, Mark Richt will be the National Coach of the Year.

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