Welcome to Cocktail Party Week

Dawgs are 4-4 after three straight wins in conference. And the mighty Gators roll around on the schedule, a year after Tebow. They’ve been pushed around and shut down on offense and lost three straight, after losing two games total over a stellar two year run that netted a National Championship. We’ve been blown out by them twice in a row after beating them badly three games ago, the year we finished a national #2. So the dancing we did in J-Ville with Moreno and company was a a one year blip on the radar, not a turn of the series. This is a chance for GEORGIA to go 2-2 versus the Gators over a four season span, a vast improvement for us when contemplating our record over the last twenty years at the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party. Consider this fact as well: AJ Green is winless in Jacksonville.