What Has Been Missing In Program

Home dominance.

Miami’s semi-professional run in the old Orange Bowl. Nebraska’s mid-1990s Sea of Red. LSU of late at night in Death Valley, contributing to LSU having the best record in the SEC in the past dozen years (UGA 2nd). Certain home scenes have been at the heart of dominant programs, and Between the Hedges has pointblank not been one of them. It literally saddens.

Last year it was the South Carolina heartbreaker, where I had a great time until Murray was rag dolled by Clowney and we lost 45-42. The season before Arkansas exposed a confused secondary very late, after UGA practically had the game won. The year prior to that, LSU and the phantom AJ unsportsmanlike call cost us the upset win. The year prior was the preseason #1 UGA embarrassment by BAMA. The year prior, the South Carolina upset which cost us an SEC East and SEC and national championship (we finished a national #2 while missing ATL completely). And the list could go on. Not just home losses, dramatic early home losses setting a tone where we have to save the season rather than dominate it.

This is the definition of a trap game. Tennessee is unranked, talented and desperately hungry and GEORGIA is an all caps #5 in the country, leading the SEC in offense, getting back two suspended players who constitute two-thirds of our best three defenders, and looking ahead to a nighttime trip to Columbia to play a Top 10 team which won eleven ballgames last year and has beaten us in two consecutive seasons.

We must protect this house and we have not. This game reminds me of the last time my college roommate Chris Boggs made it to a game. We had embarrassed LSU with David Greene’s best bomb throwing, and we felt pretty good about ourselves. And UT came to the Classic City and took it all away from us.