What if UGA Struggles Again?

If we drop more than three games next season, I expect a full onslaught of angry Dawgs to storm the office of Damon Evans and call for Richt’s head. Damon would stand by Coach, but that is a highly-realistic expectation, when you consider our history. New starting quarterbacks coupled with new defensive alignments have rarely resulted in a big season for any college program. When Cox was a first year starter, we struggled. When Stafford was a first year starter, we struggled. DJ won the SEC, but lost two of his last three games in a three-loss campaign for the squad (-he sat out the annual UF debacle). When Greene was a first year starter, we struggled. Quincy and Zeier did well their first years, dropping a few big games due to inexperience. When Bobo was a first year starter, we struggled. And when a defense is missing assignments and trying to learn a new blitz-heavy scheme on the fly, people get left open and score easy touchdowns. Now, I’m calling for us to have a big year based on our returning weapons in the running game and easier schedule. But we still play Florida, Tennessee, Tech and Auburn every year and no longer have the road prowess that was a Richt calling card. If Murray struggles to lead the team and Gray subs ineffectively; if Mettenberger’s strong arm  was our only real chance at greatness; if Tennessee makes it four-out-of-five with another blowout and Tech two-out-of-three in a state that craves football; if Auburn gets us finally and we also get upset by an also-ran like Arkansas; if Florida spanks us again and our only redemption is a toilet bowl win against a nursing school on a down year … we will be so pissed off that Richt may be on his way out.