When We Were Rivals

When We Were Rivals

Han Vance on Georgia football: It’s Carolina week.

They should be afraid. Very afraid. Georgia has not lost a home game in venerable American college football palace Sanford Stadium at Dooley Field since the Tech choke, when young Jacob Eason threw the egregious pick in Kirby’s first season in Athens. Georgia – or should I go ahead and go back to calling us GEORGIA, y’all – has won 15 straight against the SEC East.

Georgia is favored by a full 25, here. A major college team hangs in with the Dawgs for a half and gets honorable mentions on TV, an A for effort.

Damn that losing mentality, says I. Steve Spurrier wouldn’t do that, now would he? Ahead of watching “Saturdays in the South” – the part where he’s about to dominate and rub it in our faces – I’m writing about Chickens. Spurrier left Tennessee for Florida because Florida was ready to throw it, he says. I think it is more about him wanting to go his own way, every time. He won the big personal trophy at UF and lost three total games his last two years in school. Each Georgia loss cost him the SEC.

So, he hates his own people up in Tennessee who wanted him to stay in-state. He hates those Bulldogs for denying him further personal glory, which is what always seemed to matter the ultimate most to the one-time national champion as a football coach.

He kills us at Florida, costing Ray Goff a job and giving Jim Donnan all of one epic win. He embarrasses and makes fun of Tennessee, while they are good. Laughing at the individual people. He blames others for his utter failings at Washington in the NFL.

He goes to South Carolina. Why?

So he can beat his own people at Florida. And Tennessee.

And especially so he can beat Ol’ Georgia some more. Five short years ago, the South Carolina Lamecocks, winners of one ACC trophy ever and none in the SEC, had beaten historic near-powerhouse UGA four-of-five and were nationally considered the better current program, at a time Georgia had mostly vanquished Tennessee and was even getting closer to owning Florida, again.

That was Steve Sourrier: a rival forever of the meanest kind.

Georgia holds a 51-18-2 winning advantage over the University of S. Carolina. Are they even a rival to Georgia? Not all that actively, on our side. Yet to the Cuckleheads, Georgia is their second biggest rival, after Clemson. By the way, Georgia holds a 42-18-4 advantage on Palmetto State Clemmy.

They have both beaten the Dawgs just 18 times; Georgia owns ALL of South Carolina.