Why Dawgs Win the Cocktail Party

Why Dawgs Win the Cocktail Party

Han Vance on Georgia football: If that big tight end wasn’t such a known commodity with two weeks for us to prepare; if Notre Dame’s tight end had not given us more fits than anybody – not named Muschamp – mostly for a half, before stellar DC Dan Lanning and HC Kirby Smart figured it out…we’d be in trouble.

We aren’t. Florida plays seven wideouts, sometimes five at a time, and the tight moves everywhere; he is six-and-a-half feet tall, y’all. He must feel the sheer wrath of Reed, LeCounte, Rice for us to win. He will. Hit him hard, men! HARDER!!!

Florida can’t run the ball much and is coming off two teams’ best rushing days of the year, against them, and a bye. Running defense is hard to fix. Georgia has the best rushing attack in the vaunted SEC, and the Dawgs led the SEC in running the last two seasons. We go for three in a 34-24 win that sees SEC overall leading rusher and leading rusher in yards per carry Swift go Swiftly.

First, I thought this to maybe be another Aaron Murray style win, where the QB struggled but manifested victories in three straight in his then-home state, as the Georgia football legend went 3-1 and never lost to Florida in regulation. We don’t want to see overtime here, as Kirby has horridly struggled in those moments. What we want is Georgia covering the spread of about a touchdown. I see our beloved Dawgs a touch plus two Hot Rod kicks for four points.

Georgia has given up 17 total second half point this whole season through seven games so fret you not if it is close at the half. They will be basically done.

Georgia is the only team in the nation not to yield any rushing touchdowns, so Florida has to come out throwing. If our best six defensive backs hold up in coverage, this is a Vegas cover. If Kirby can’t fully coach up pass D with two weeks to prepare for the game he was really brought to UGA to win every year, he is straight up the wrong man for this job.

Georgia’s defense:
Points: 10.6 1st in SEC
Yards: 266 1st in SEC
Rushing: 85 1st in SEC
Passing: 181 2nd in SEC

Georgia has the #11 offense in the country.

When Georgia went 3-18, as I saw four bad live beatings, the depth at defense was never there like it is right now. As Florida platooned offensive weaponry, Georgia got tired and frustrated. NO MORE!!!

30% chance of rain, scattered showers, and you were born for this, Jake Fromm!!!

Gators are the “home team” this year at THE GATOR BOWL…Go Dawgs!!!

I’ll be there.

I will recount earlier trips for you in more detail another time. But, here’s a quick version and why we must permanently REVERSE THE CURSE! We have won two straight and 5-of-8 and can take the decade with this win. Worry about the roaring twenties gators later, Dog.

Six out of nine would clinch this whole decade! After decades of crap we had to eat, Dawgs.

I enrolled at age 20 when Steve Spurrier went back to the Swamp. Dawgs went 1-13, very unlucky to bad, ending with the David Greene – he’s a great guy, by the way – and David Pollack senior year breakthrough. Dawgs were 3-15 until Murray and Richt beat them three straight. I saw a 52-17 Goff loss in Athens, as a resident of Orlando coming home for a beating. As a re-enrolled Comm student the next year, I was in Jax with Johnny as new guy Donnan took one on the chin 47-7. I was with Freas and Reeves when we choked and lost 20-13, on Richt’s second trip there, as we finished 13-1. I wrote a literally famous poem, wrecked my skateboard and then was down there with Byrnes and Pot (P O T 3,000) and Tom, finally. As I had been in a serious accident and was hurt and should not have made the trip, I rallied. But, young Stafford did not, lost 21-14.

Like Michael Stipe said, “I…I need this. I need this. I need…this.”