Why Georgia will win Saturday

Why Georgia will win Saturday

Han Vance on the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry: Feature photo today is of an alum of UGA who has always been true to his school and an old Auburn alum, my extremely nice friend Vince the Prince. Taken by lovely UGA alumna Mrs. Jami Buck-Vance.

We know y’all too damn well, pretty Plainsmen (and SHAWTYsss).

Party Like It’s 1980!

Dooley knows: Georgia is just better than Auburn, in so many ways. The school, the alumni, the education, the culture, the mascot, the state, the city, the area, the region, the food, the football.

It isn’t close, either. It was in football at 55-55-8, with the point differential about nil. But Ol’ Georgia – who invented American public higher education in 1785 and Deep South football (with Mercer, not Auburn) and first played “The Barn” at Atlanta, in the winter of 1892 – Piedmont Park, Feb. 20th, see y’all there this year for a reunion tribute, right up the street from me – has beaten AU.

My dynamite Dawgs have not lost to old Auburn in the Classic City since 2005, when I was 35…I’m 50, a man-man in full-full now-now-now, with ye silver-haired proof, to match my Polo brand britches.

After losing that game, Georgia still won the SEC, and Aubie got lucky. That was DJ Shockley’s only regular season loss as a starting QB for UGA. He’s a buddy of mine now, by the way. Great guy!

Georgia has won the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry – let’s call this one a cocktail party, because it always is, y’all, always fun – 8-of-1o overall, 12-of-15 over a decade-and-a-half.

That’s utter dominance.

In the last five years, Georgia played AU-barn six times: the year we lost to them, on the road, we still won the SEC, against them.

Auburn is always either overrated or a national title contender.

They’re overrated (#7) and will lose to (#4) Georgia at 7:30 p.m. Eastern STANDARD Time, big time. After ESPN’s College GameDay is back in Athens.

Dear Merv and Canine Crew, I can’t stomach not tailgating at the President’s Garden Club, today…so sad…I’ll be home in Atlanta, with family and Hilley.

Richard Hilley

Richard Hilley is a – get this – 6th-generation Georgia man. Kirby Smart and Mike Bobo used to hang out at his frat. His great-great maybe another great uncle was the AD – then not called-AD – when Georgia won it all in 1942. He grew up hanging out with UGA alum Ryan Seacrest, and they used to play “The Carson Show” at Seacrest’s home, you know, the game where you act like you are a TV show host…

I’ll be on TV, soon enough, folks, but for now, listen to my new podcast, The Dawg Pawd – episode 2 later today – at SoundCloud. Moving forward, you’ll be getting episodes earlier-week. I have heard from Loran Smith, DJ Shockley and Tim Brando this week, and the power of my excitable, loud voice is going to be oh so evident…


Georgia and Auburn both lost 4-of-5 offensive line starters and have yet to show an ability to play power football on offense in ’20, but Auburn not Georgia lost the most – they don’t have those big NFL D linemen who lost to Georgia their whole careers…anymore.

Bo don’t know ish, says Hanish aka NostraHANish. I could be wrong but I am not wrong often…and that’s a proven fact, Jack.

Dawgs win!

125 today, this is the second-most played series in college football. And it’s still the second-biggest rivalry, in the SEC, for both schools: Florida for us. Bama for them. (“F U, U F!“)

Auburn isn’t even a state.