With Mettenberger Gone, Quarterbacks Must Step Up

Curious that Aaron Murray did not play in the first half of the G-Day Game, I had to ask myself: Is he already the season opener starter for the University of Georgia Bulldogs? That question was a presumed yes for many fans anyway, with Zach Mettenberger facing at least a one game suspension for arrest on underage drinking and false identification. Murray had already produced a strong spring and had appeared to distance himself from the up-and-down play of Logan Gray.

Once we saw the strong-armed pocket presence and deft touch displayed by Mettenberger at G-Day, we all thought he had a strong potential to be the game two starter. Now, Mettenberger has been released from the football program and Murray has what appears to be a solid lead in the race.

We need Logan Gray to be well prepared and ready to produce in at least the situational player and back-up role he assumed last season – without any notable success. He is our only close resemblance of an upperclassman quarterback currently enrolled, which by definition should be a strong team leader. We need him now, and we may even need him to start some football games, or even a whole football season. Gray must step up.

Aaron Murray played like a young man under pressure in the second half of the G-Day Game. The bright spotlight shone resultant from a transcendent first half of football played by Mettenberger. Murray looked like he was forcing the ball, and he point blank can’t continue to average an interception per game, as he did in limited play over the three organized scrimmages this spring. Otherwise, his numbers were really solid.  He looked more similar in playing style to the short-in-stature and turnover-prone-yet-with-good-touch Joe Cox than I’d cared for in that second half. Murray must step up.

Hutson Mason is an incoming freshman from my alma mater, Lassiter High School (Marietta, GA). He is coached up by the leadership that took Hoover High (B’Ham area of Bama) to multiple state titles, and he is talented and may be our future. Zach Mettenberger may be reinstated to the program and may be our future. Who can wait until the future. 2010 was supposed to be the future. Fall is only a few months away.

Side question: How influential was notably firm and football-involved Athletic Director Damon Evans – a classmate of mine at UGA – in the tough decisions that Richt has made since the end of last season, an ugly five-loss debacle?